Asked on Jan 18, 2012

F2 Error on GE appliance

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I switched on the oven this morning and tuned it to 400 after 5 minutes I heard a beep and saw the dreaded F2 Error code!
I am freaking out now since I need the oven so bad for tomorrow!!!
Can this be fixed or does it need a pro?
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  • You need a pro on this Yamini, This is an error code that comes from the temp sensor located in the back of the oven that connects to the circuit board. It indicates that the oven is overheating. The unit needs to be pulled out from the wall to access this device. Then an Ohm meter is used to check. If the range of the ohms is correct then they replace the circuit board located in the front near the display. If the reading is off from what I understand the device that send the reading to the circuit board needs to be replaced. You could unplug the oven for a short while then plug it back in to see if it resets and is only a one time thing. But I would plan on having this fixed as normally even if it corrects itself this time, it may fail again the next time you use it.

  • Ok the Pro is here, thanks Woodbridge! i called my Home warranty and they sent somebody, now I am not sure if this can be fixed today. But I am hoping they will.

  • Miriam I
    on Jan 18, 2012

    Don't freak out, I'm sure your guests will understand :)

  • Thanks Miriam, the oven is behaving now!!

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