Asked on Apr 9, 2013

Help with decorating patio and have privacy



neighbors back yard
side patio
chain link fence facing street
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  • Sharon E. Hines
    on Apr 9, 2013

    What a great space. I can envision a lovely courtyard area. Container plants would work well to bring color to the patio. There are also concrete stains you could use to soften the concrete. Looks like you have room for some plants in the little area next to the side patio. You could grow a vine on the chain link fence facing the street to help with privacy. Planting trees along the fence between you and your neighbor's backyard will also help with privacy. You could create a flower bed along the wood fence, hang some planters on the posts, and possibly include a water fountain in this area. It also looks like you have room for more than one seating could have a dining area and also a grouping of chairs around a fire pit. Good luck and keep us posted with the progress.

  • Miriam I
    on Apr 9, 2013

    Love Sharon's ideas. Did you see what @Susan J did in her yard?

  • Patrici Cannon
    on Apr 11, 2013

    I love the court yard idea. I think using the lattice fencing I will still be able to see all the tubs and clutter in my neighbors backyard. I think I will look into installing a privacy fence. I will keep you posted. thanks again, Pat

  • Dennis M
    on Apr 11, 2013

    I agree with Sharon on concrete idea. Pressure wash it and have it stained and sealed to soften it and that will add some excitement in the yard.We specialize is concrete staining.You have a huge yard with so much potential.

    q help with decorating patio and have privacy, decks, outdoor living, patio, This driveway wash just a mere boring concrete just like your We stained it seal and engraved it to look like brown brick borders pattern and tiles in the middle This is done on the existing concrete like yoursq help with decorating patio and have privacy, decks, outdoor living, patio, Now look how this concrete complements the house
  • Margie*Lee
    on Nov 22, 2013

    What a nice space for entertaining! For starters I would make or purchase planters that have square planters on each end connected by an oblong planter and on the back would be a high lattice backing. The end planters would give you lots of color when flowers are planted and the oblong planter could hold something that vines to give you some privacy. You have a big enough area to use more than just one. Along your fence, I would put more oblong planters that could hold taller plants or plants could vine along your fence. For lots of color and because you have such a large area, I would purchase or make lots of planters and fill them with flowers and move them to wherever I wanted.

  • Redeemwood
    on Feb 17, 2014

    You may want to consider relatively inexpensive pallet planters as a privacy shield against the chain link fence. You can stagger them slightly if you need access to that fence. Tying them off against the chain link would allow for support against winds or you can put a broader base on them.

    q help with decorating patio and have privacy, decks, outdoor living, patioq help with decorating patio and have privacy, decks, outdoor living, patioq help with decorating patio and have privacy, decks, outdoor living, patio
  • Patty
    on Feb 26, 2014

    When I lived in Florida, I had a large patio area with a lot of sun and no privacy, and very little money. I bought large lattice sections, and I attached wooden stakes to the bottom of the lattice sections, then painted the sections and the stakes white and after they were dry I applied a sealer on them. I then placed the sections in large flower pots I had bought on sale and a couple that a good neighbor gave me, by doing this it made the sections taller. Then I bought clothes line wire (the kind with the plastic coating) and tie them to the top of each lattice piece and strung them across the patio and tied them to the lattice pieces on the other side. Then I planted silver lace in the planters on the back side of the lattice so the would grow up over the lattice and across the line, which would give me the shade I needed and the privacy I needed. I chose silver lace because I knew it would cover in just a couple of months. It worked really well and was sturdy enough that I didn't have to worry about the wind blowing it over. and it was really pretty when the silver lace started blooming. I planted the front side of the planters with some tall plants and trailing plants. It made a really nice sitting area, and was so easy to do. Its not a permanent solution but it is quick and pretty.

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