Asked on Apr 9, 2013

Has anyone used the new brick look alike substance made out of recycle

Woodbridge Environmental


tires???????? I want to put it in front of my fence and put some oudoor furniture and plants on it. Thanks for any answer.

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  • Maryann, From what I understand this product to be is considered a Green product as it uses a abundant material that is very hard to dispose of. The bricks made from tires are softer and cooler under foot and can vary in colors much like real brick. It also conforms better to uneven surfaces flexing ever so slightly taking up movement that would normally crack a clay brick. You cannot build on it like a wall, but for patios and walkways. This type of product appears to fit the bill nicely. If you decide to use this product, be sure to take photos of before and after and let us all know how it worked out for you.

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