i have mice all throughout my house how much would it cost to have someone get rid of them?

i have them throughout a three bedroom, two bath house! they are under the carpets, in the wall, in the the cabinets, in my kids room, and in the couches! i have no idea if they are in my matress yet and dont know where they came from! i have no basement or attic but yet they are in my house and i want them out!
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  • Samanthia, for something this serious, call in a professional exterminator. Ask if they have a warranty of sorts so they will come back for ree if they do not get them all out of there the first time around.
  • 3po3 3po3 on Jan 18, 2012
    Yikes. Definitely call in a pro, and get references for jobs this extensive that they have completed in the past.
  • Got two, you got dozens. You need to set snap traps. Behind furniture, fridge. and along walls. Place glue traps in attic area as well. If you have a drop ceilings anywhere in the home put traps on top of them as well. The mice are going after food and water. So be sure to seal all your foods tightly. Put nothing in the oven overnight as well. Any open boxes of food stuff should be discarded as it could contain droppings. Vacuum your furniture well. Remove cushions and get the crumbs out. Heck you might even find a few dollars as well. You set the traps using peanut butter as they love the stuff. Be prepared to hear a lot of snapping once it gets dark out. Check all the draws in the kitchen. If you find droppings clean out the drawers and place trap behind them. Once all the traps are set, you need to do a walk around outside of the home. Mice can get into the smallest of cracks. Check with a mirror up under the siding for openings. Using slow rise spray foam or caulking seal these cracks. If there is storage against the house. Move it away. Lots of shrubs, cut them back. Mice as well as other larger rodents and animals love the protection that excess storage provides. Once the traps begin to start working, replace them. Move them around the house as well. Just be sure to put them in a space that offers protection to them. Lean a book next to the wall and create a safe zone.Put the trap there. At first you will catch several, but the numbers will drop quite fast. Once you no longer seem to be catching them. Remove most of the snap traps and place glue traps down where kids, animals and people will not go. Then check them from time to time. Just remember how many traps you set. And do a count once you check them. Do not want to forget a mouse if it was caught.
  • Keller Pest Control Keller Pest Control on Jan 19, 2012
    If it is as bad as you say you need to take action asap, I would recommend considering having a professional company to come in and consult you. The problem with mice is they breed very rapidly, limited only to food supply. a female mouse gestation period is 21 days. she can have 6-12 pups. they will be weened in 3 weeks and on their own. While she is weening the first litter she can get pregnant again and on and on and on. Mice, rats, and other rodents are looking for three things: a place to live a moisture supply, and food to eat. If you give them these, they will enjoy living in your home or building. As their families enlarge, they look for more and more food. As a result, they get aggressive – which can lead them to scavenge for more food, which in turn contaminates your food supplies They are unable to retain fluids and therefore anywhere the mouse goes so goes its urine, you can track mice with a blacklight and see the urine trails. Also one mouse will leave 30-50 feces a day and as many as a 100. (And no I dont know who was in charge of counting them) A mouse generally doesn't bathe. As a result, the little critter carries with it any germs (like Salmonella and E-coli) it come into contact with, either through its food or through its environment. When it goes after your food, it leaves these germs behind for you to ingest.. The most mice iI have removed in one house was a small two bedroom house no basement and we removed 94 mice in two days,. The elderly person living there had a stroke and his daughter found him sitting on the couch watching TV with 4-5 mice sitting next to him.We had to throw everything in the house including carpet away due to contamination. As far as control there are three steps to accomplish. First remove their ability to gain access to your home. Mice have a skeleton made of cartilage so they are flexibile.they can gain access through a dime size hole. Do a thorogh inspection and seal all holes with steel wool and caulking. Check garage and all exterior doors and add or replace sweeps. I use a combination of three things to eliminate the infestation. Good old fashioned wood snap traps ( peanut butter lightly applied so they have to work to get it off. Also Glue boards with a scent of peanut butter allready in it. ( go to chemical supplier not wal-martor lowes they will be much less expensive). and bait boxes i use protecta RTU made by Bell Labs a bopx off ten are 20-25. The best bait i have found is Contrac weather blok. you should be able to get all this from chemical suoply store. One reccomendation is to purchase exterior rodent stations and place 4-8 around the home you are able to feed them outside and reduce pressure on property. The bait is made with Cumaden or Warfarin which is a blood thinner for humans, so be careful around children and pets all the baits stations are tamper resistant. Do not use decon or any pellet type baits since they are easily transported to unwanted areas. Be patient and stay with it clean all droppings up on initial service so you can determine any new infestations with new droppings
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