13 Incredibly Useful Tension Rod Ideas You Haven't Seen Yet

The simple little piece that can make your life 10x better!

By Hometalk Highlights

Add charming decoration to a large window

Using fabric scraps and a long tension rod, hang a colorful, cottage style window treatment.

Make your shower look expensive

Hang two tension rods above your shower and add an elegance curtain cover that only looks expensive!

Take the clutter off your counterops

Raise your countertop clutter and hang it against your backsplash, with this smart idea. (Isabelle @Engineer Your Space

Organize your bulky pot lids

Put a tension rod on the inner lip of your kitchen drawer, and totally organize pot lids.

Bring order to your cleaning materials

Add a tension rod underneath your sink, and hang spray bottles so they're easy to grab.

Store your accessories on the wall

With a few tension rods on the wall, you can create ample space to store accessories.

Keep cutting boards and trays in line

Customize your kitchen storage space, by using tension rods to keep thin trays and cutting boards in place.

Hide under-counter clutter

If you'd rather your guests not see the clutter under your countertops, hide it easily.

Cover sink pipes to beautify your vanity

Make your bathroom all charm, by covering exposed pipes with a quick skirt & tension rod.

Organize your kitchen cabinets

Make a confined cabinet area for hard-to-store kitchen supplies using just 2 tension rods.

Store your winter wear close by

Hang all your winter wear in one, dry place, by hanging a tension rod in your entryway.

Create custom storage in your closet

Need a place to stow your winter boots or your scarf collection? This is brilliant!