Asked on Apr 10, 2013

painting 70's 'wood' table

Sissy JLorna MaedkeMary Insana


I picked up a table from the 70's and would like to paint it using chalk paint. Since the top of it has that slick "laminate" top I am not sure if the paint would adhere to it. Has anyone ever painted this type of 'wood' furniture? If so, what worked for you. Thanks for your help!
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  • Mary Insana
    on Apr 10, 2013

    I have a table with a laminate top too and will be painting it with DIY chalk paint. from what I've read on hear chalk paint adheres to just about anything. I hope it works for both of us.

  • Lorna Maedke
    on Apr 10, 2013

    You may want to lightly sand it and put a primer on before painting the table.

  • Sissy J
    on Apr 10, 2013

    I've done this dozens of times & chalk paint works like a dream. If you want perfect results, the Annie Sloan chalkpaint is worth the money. It's expensive, but simple & durable & there's no sanding. If you want to save a ton of money, you can make your own chalk paint by mixing a couple spoonfuls of non sanded tile grout into any type of paint. Just mix well to get rid of lumps. I've had great results with the DIY chalk paint.
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