Turn cans into glamorous planters

Simply spray paint your empty cans, to create a pretty compliment for soft greenery.

Design a Valentine's Day vase

Just in time! Use decorative ribbon to make a DIY vase for that pretty bunch of buds.

Craft a decorative watering can

Turn tin cans, cardboard tubes, and paper napkins into a quaint decorative watering can.

Make a set of rusted lanterns

Give a few cans a faux rusty patina to create these rustic and romantic outdoor lanterns.

Plant tiny succulents inside one

Any sized or shaped can makes a great spot to display even the tiniest succulent garden.

Paint some large porch planters

Turn larger tin cans into stylish porch planters, after updating the look with paint.

Turn a can into a solar lantern

Drill holes in an extra tin can and turn it into a pretty and practical solar lantern - easy!

Use a few cans to make a tool caddy

Gather a few cans, wrap them up with old belts, and enjoy an awesome caddy.

Make a pretty bird feeder

Use your leftover cans to make your feathered friends very happy with a bird feeder.

Craft some industrial chic flowers

Cut your tin cans into these industrial chic flowers to decorate your outdoor spaces or make a fun wall accent.

Cover some super stylish storage

Turn empty cans into delicately designed storage containers for your bathroom or dresser.

Pin some up on the wall as an organizer

Make a floating wall organizer using your empty tin cans & bring clutter off your countertops.

Tie cans together into a supply caddy

Use strips of old jeans to corral your cans into an art supply caddy for projects on the go.

Glue together a desk organizer

Paint a few cleaned out cans and secure them on a plank of wood - hello, organized desk!

Use painted cans for a hanging planter

Save this idea for spring - start your own herb garden by hanging up a few cans.