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Replacing kitchen cabinets

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We had to remove the wall due to mold, and now that it is all gone, and the wall is put back together.. we need to replace the cabinets that were damaged.. But we have the original John Wieland home cabinets from 1987.. Is there a way to just replace the ones to match? I am attaching the picture of the kitchen.. Thanks for your help!
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  • Attachment did not work. You can get any cabinets to match. However older ones such as the ones you currently have are difficult to do. You will need to check all the local kitchen suppliers who sold these brands to see if they have any left over stock sitting around that would work. Otherwise you will need to scratch build new ones to match. However. With some of the newer kitchen designs these days. It is not uncommon to mix and match cabinet designs in a home. So with a little creativity you could place perhaps open cabinets with glass doors that complement what you currently have. So try again to post the photos of what you have. I am sure many of the great designers here will be glad to help you spend your money on all sorts of great ideas. Glad you go the mold out also.

  • If you call Wieland, there should be some kind of specification for every home they have built. You can also try removing some of the drawers to see if there is a manufacturer's label any where.

  • I have many homeowners that need to match existing cabinetry for a variety of reasons. There are times when you can order new manufacturer cabinets to match. The challenge is that the finish on the original cabinets will often change as they age. I have had the best success by having replacement cabinets made by a custom cabinet craftsman. Custom cabinet makers can not only match your cabinet style, they can match the stain shade as it is today. Depending on who you deal with custom cabinetry may not cost more than replacement cabinetry from the manufacturer.

  • Ricardo B
    on Jan 20, 2012

    Yes! Do try to re-purpose those cabinets if possible. Usually any good woodworker/cabinet worker can use tricks of the trade to hide any joining or spacing issues that will likely arise. Sometimes a left-over section of cabinet can be cannibalized and used elsewhere when using new or replacement wood product would be too visible.

  • Posh Patios
    on Jan 20, 2012

    We would need to see the photo. There are many tricks to this task.

  • Vanessa L
    on Jan 21, 2012

    Posting the pictures now.. Thanks for everyone's replies! I would love to replace them all.. but not sure how much that will be.. considering we really do need the full make over. My floors are in desperate need of replacing.. You will see!

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  • I still think your best choice is to find a cabinet maker to replace the missing cabinets unless you choose to replace everything.

    on Jan 22, 2012

    Venessa- would you like for one of our kitchen designers to come out for free to give you some advice on your different options? This is something that we do for hometalkers.

  • Faidra at CA Global Inc
    on Jan 24, 2012

    Vanessa that can easily be done as the others have stated, you can also update cabinets w/a simple hardware change. Get quotes for a counter, backsplash and flooring change from some home talkers. You don't have to do it (all projects) at once, but w/multiple quotes (get at least three), you'll have an idea of the cost , gain knowledge and have different ideas to ponder.

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