Asked on Jan 19, 2012

looking for a Electrician licensed in North Carlonia near Murphy NC

Harold MRupp Electric CompanyMiriam Illions


I am looking for a Electrician who will let me help to reduce the cost. 678-936-6864
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  • Gary do a search for contractors on the top of the page. Many will come up in your area.

  • Peace Painting Co., Inc.
    on Jan 20, 2012

    Good to see you here neighbor

  • Gary B
    on Jan 21, 2012

    I put in electrical contractor in zip code 28906 but no one came up.

  • Miriam Illions
    on Jan 22, 2012

    Hi Gary, I've forwarded your question to a few people to see if they know of anyone. It doesn't look like we have any electricians in Murphy right now but perhaps one of these people will know of someone.

  • Rupp Electric Company
    on Jan 22, 2012

    I am in Raleigh and personally do not know any licensed electricians in that area.

  • Harold M
    on Jan 28, 2012

    I live in Franklin, right over the mountain from Murphy. Don't know anyone in Murphy but "Dan's Electric" in franklin is who I use. Does a great job and won't rip you off. Not unreasonable distance to travel. Van's Electric is another good one in Franklin. Best wishes

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