will sheetrock mildew in the basement in NC?

I am wanting to remodel basement. Have put in a B-Dry system to rid the problem of leaks.
I wonder if there is still moisture there to cause mildew if I sheetrock or drywall? What other
alternatives are there?
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  • Peace Painting Co., Inc. Peace Painting Co., Inc. on Jan 19, 2012
    If you have concrete block, you can moisture proof them by applying two coats of paint made for basement block walls. This will not keep out water but humidity and moisture. You can also use the green wall board which is moisture resistant. Remember to lift it off the ground one half inch before installing. You also can install a permanently drained humidifier. Best, Charles
  • Kathleen, Depending on the type of B-Dry system they installed would determine if indeed this can be done successfully without having any mold issues. However regardless of the system you have installed is there still humidity in the basement? You also need to find out from the B-Dry people if you can install new walls in front of their system without voiding any warranties. Some of the interior water control systems. Which is what this product is, relies on venting to dry out the interior of the wall of the basement. If these walls are blocked over by new drywall material will this cause any entrapment of dampness in that area? There are products such as Dens-Armor which is a fiberglass wall board that will not allow mold to develop that is used for damp areas. But in any case ventilation behind the new wall is very important. But your first homework assignment is to contact the water proofing company that did this work for you and ask them if there are any special requirements on your end that you must do so not to void the warranty on this new water control system you just paid for. Armed with this information There are several of us here that can provide you with great details on how to finish your basement so it will last a long time and not cause any health issues for you.
  • Kathleen G Kathleen G on Jan 19, 2012
    thank you so much! I shall contact B Dry tomorrow about the covering they put up. It is like a PVC panelling and I know that I can not penetrate it as the warranty will not be valid. There are brick and concrete blocks behind the panels.
  • OK, that is good. Now for some additional information about this product that they installed on your walls. These white panels that they install on the wall are simply vapor barriers, not much different then using six mill plastic on the walls. The only difference is you cannot see the walls should issues arise if the water continues to come into the home. And they are stronger and resists damage from minor abuse. I really do not want to burst your bubble because you are happy with the water control system that they installed. But installing a fancy drain system on the floor then covering the walls with a product that prevents you from seeing if any moisture, settlement, mold or decay of the walls could be happening concerns me. I can tell you that they will void the warranty if you breach the panels that they installed. You need to ask them if they will warrant against mold development behind your finished new wall system that you install in front of their system. My guess is no. This then tells me that their concern is that moisture will develop as a result of a possible failure of their water control system. Should you decide to move ahead I would suggest that you provide about six inches of clearance from your new walls to their system and provide some active ventilation system that will control any build up of humidity in this area. Humidity is the result of water as you understand. One would need to think about where is this possible moisture would be coming from? Hmm makes you think? let us know how you make out.
  • Kathleen G Kathleen G on Jan 20, 2012
    now I am worried and almost ready to abandon the project. I really wanted to use the basement and laundry room.
  • Do not be scared away with this. As long as they will warrant the basement free of mold using their system. Which I would think they would if they sold you a dry basement. There is nothing to worry about. There are many ways in which to prevent mold by using different building practices. Which can be provided to you as you progress along the renovation project. Even if they will not warrant against mold. There are those of use here that will guide you on how to make the basement work for you and look great in the process. Depending on your skill sets everything to construct a finished basement and laundry room can be done by you. Even any mold prevention.
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