Friend James Wall called and said his art studio floor paint was peeling up.

We scraped and repainted the floor. It goes down quick but comes off slow, so do your homework before you paint a floor.
Chips anyone? Through layers of paint, the first original coat had failed.
CSI discovers dust and dirt on the back of the chips indicating originally a non-cleaned surface. In addition, the material first used did not soak into the concrete far enough.
After confirming the concrete has porosity or profile enough to accept our paint, we wet mop. An additive called Emulsabond is used with the first coat on the bare (darker) areas.
Viola. The all white surfaces in the studio allow the art to stand out, yes even the floor art (-j
Some of James' work

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  • Really good point. I did a dental office a while back. . . color selection was critical because they worked with teeth. . . all various shades of white.
  • Annette C Annette C on Dec 30, 2013
    white in the closet I hadn't made that connection, no wonder nothing looks right in the walk in closet they painted hot coral pink, drove me nuts.
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