Asked on Apr 11, 2013

Can you name some of the plants that can clean up air within home?

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It has been found that the respiration process of house plantscan purify the air we breathe in our home. Please share the name of the plantsthat can helps us to clean up the polluted air inside the home?
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  • KMS Woodworks
    on Apr 11, 2013

    Plants will help a little...but most homes would require so many that you would be living in a virtual greenhouse. check out this article I wrote on air quality.

  • Here you go - With that KMS does bring up a good point & that is you do not want to turn your house into a green house. To much water vapor in the house leads to additional issues so make sure you balance all the factors & watch the humidity level in the house

  • Manuel, you have two good informative sites in which to get some useful information on. Any plants that are green will help freshen the air, although as they both said you need a green house to accomplish this feat. when you begin to add more and more plants you then need to worry about moisture. More plants require more water. And more water ends up evaporating into the house. High humidity levels will create mold where you normally would never see it develop. Good old leaving the windows open when weather allows will do a whole lot more then filling your home with plants.

  • Douglas Hunt
    on Apr 13, 2013

    Funny you should ask this because just today at our men's garden club plant sale someone mentioned that the asparagus fern (which is an invasive pest outdoors around here) was the best plant for improving air quality. Well, it turns out that the University of Georgia actually tested plants for their ability to remove contaminants from the air and found five that outperformed the rest: purple waffle plant (Hemigraphis alternataa), English ivy (Hedera Helix), variegated wax plant (Hoya cornosa), Asparagus fern (Asparagus densiflorus) and the Purple heart plant (Tradescantia pallida). See:

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