How to Make Spoon Flowers

Can't wait for the spring flowers to finally arrive? Do what I did and force your own...with plastic spoons! You may have seen some similiar vases at Anthro, but my version costs $1 {the cost of the vase}. Visit my post to see how to make your own:
Hold your spoon over a candle flame or a gas stovetop and move it around. within a few seconds it will start to shrink and curl. It's so much fun to watch!
Taking cues from real flowers, you can make specific specimens or whimsical free forms. Hot glue each petal to another and hold it in place until it cools. Working from outside in.
The stamens in the middle are created from the ends of the plastic spoons. Direct the flame an inch or so back from the end and when it starts to melt, pull it apart.
They all got several light coats of spray paint, making sure to turn it and cover it all. I bought vases at the Dollar Tree and they also got painted. When everthing is dry, each flower was hot glued on to a vase.
I used several different types of spoons. This one was so pretty with its smoky gray transluscence, that I chose not to paint it. it looks like blown glass, right?!
These would be make great Mother's Day gifts! Plant a little succulent in a smaller vase or arrange some cut flowers in one of the taller ones. Mom will love it!

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