Beware of undue reliance on a warranty

Warranties are only as good as the company backing them. Savvy con artists and shoddy contractors know that homeowners let down their guard when they hear that there is a warranty. A warranty is a marketing tool. When used by a good contractor it can provide assurance that they will stand behind their work. When used by a con artist, it is used to lure you into a deal they have no real intent on honoring. How do you know the difference? It is not on that paper with a big label...."this is a real warranty". Research and due diligence up front is the only way. A warranty should never be a substitute for doing your due diligence in selecting a contractor and monitoring the project through completion. Making sure the work is performed by a quality contractor is the best warranty you can get. Quality contractors are more likely to stand behind their warranties and to be in business if an issue comes up. If that contractor is a poor contractor, the contractor is unlikely to stand behind a warranty and if they actually do, they will take the same bad shortcuts they did in the initial project.
For those of you who have had warranty claim nightmares, share some of your story as a warning to others, especially if you have any tips on what you might have done to differently.
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