Building a Greenhouse From Old Windows

10 materials
10 Months
I wanted a greenhouse so we found windows on Craigslist, not quite enough but we already had some smaller ones.
So day two the post have set in concrete and the band is added
Next the rafters go up, this is where a buddy comes in handy.
Rafters are done and everything tied in .
The first of many windows going in, it was like putting a puzzle together.
More windows
Got the gravel in before the last wall of windows
Adding some siding on the corners and under the windows where the potting table and gas heater will be.
Nothing like a little paint to pretty it up.
This is the roof , it's two layers of polycarbonate panels with a two inch air space between them .
A view of the potting table and gas wall heater
Plant shelves and lots of hanging basket hooks.
The gutters are up complete with a rain barrel for watering. Some landscapes get to make it all cozy looking. Some of the pictures were taken in the early evening making it look shaded, the greenhouses eats full sun until about 4pm with only the potting table in the shade in the later part of the afternoon.

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