16 Brilliant Ways to Squeeze (Much) More Into Your Closet

There's always space for more, if you're clever about it!

By Hometalk Highlights

Hang belts using shower curtain rings

Say goodbye to bins or baskets filled with accessories - this clever hack is a must.

Organize heels with wall trim

Hang your heels on a line of trim or a few wooden blocks along your closet wall. Too easy.

Keep the floor clear with a handy basket

Keep the floor clean of clothes, with a small laundry basket stowed inside your closet.

Store sweaters in a hanging shoe organizer

Add a hanging shoe organizer or two to your clothing rack for bulky sweaters or jeans.

Make roll-out shoe storage for deep closets

Make a rolling shoe drawer for those very deep closets, so you don’t end up with ½ a pair.

Eliminate clutter with an ‘outgrown’ hamper

Get more space in your closet by getting rid of pieces you don’t need, with a handy hamper.

Rethink your direction for more efficiency

If your horizontal hanging bar is wasting wall space, use your closet depth for another option.

Use an accessory hanger for all your camis

Consolidate similar clothing types onto one shelf or hanger, like this clever cami idea!

Buy matching baskets for shelf stowage

Store seasonal clothing in pretty baskets along the top of your closet.

Use PVC pipes to keep boots in line

Make your own boot organizer to keep everything straight and in place under your hanging clothes.

Keep clothes in view with drying rack rods

Use rods from a drying rack to store shirts in a drawer so that every one is visible.

Double up your hanging rods

If you end up with a lot of space above and below your rod, move it up & add a new one.

Hang a scarf collection with valance holders

Repurpose extra valance holders into helpful scarf organization for a closest wall or door.

Use your closet door for those last items

Put rods and baskets on the inside of your closet door, to make room for your last few items.