15 Insanely Smart Hanger Hacks You'll Wish You'd Seen Sooner

Did you have ANY IDEA you could do this with a hanger? Wowza!

By Hometalk Highlights

Make an accessory organizer from shower rings

Wrap shower curtain rings and a plastic hanger in yarn, for an awesome organizer.

Make an insulator vase

Pair a wire hanger with a glass insulator, for this chic and charming vase set up.

Double them up for more storage

Using soda can tabs, stack up your hanging clothes and make tons more room in your closet.

Organize a scarf collection

Tie a few scarves along a single hanger to consolidate your accessories and make them look vintage.

Make a hanging magazine holder

Add an easy magazine holder wherever your home needs, by repurposing a wood hanger.

Display and store your jewelry

Add cabinet knobs to a wooden clothes hanger to make a super stylish jewelry holder.

Craft a sweet caddy

Pair a carved up wooden hanger with an extra crate for this sweet caddy tote.

Hang pictures on the wall with vintage charm

Use a hanger to add vintage charm to your gallery wall and showcase your favorite pictures.

Set a porch topiary for spring

Twist a wire hanger and ivy into a bright topiary, to add green before your garden wakes.

Make a pom pom Valentine's wreath

For a soft & romantic door greeting, use a wire wreath and yarn to create pom pom perfection.

Build a tin can tin man for your garden

This totally recycled tin man is exactly what your spring garden needs - make sure to save it for later!

Create floral wall decor with soda cans

Cut hangers into pieces and cans into petals and leaves, for this high-end wall decoration.

Craft a square wreath using hydrangeas

Turn dried hydrangeas into a front door petal explosion, by wrapping it along a wire hanger.

Or make a thin paper heart hanger

Wrap a hanger in paper for this delicate paper decoration using cut up book pages.

Put together a scented, padded hanger

Whether you're using it to hang clothes or something else, what's more extravagant than this!