my dish flowers...

Well I FINALLY got them made. I am not very happy with them, I think they look stupid with pvc stems I didn't paint. (I should) But the hostas are coming up and will surround them so maybe they will look better soon. I think I also am going to move them back further, to the neighbors ' ugly house' to detract maybe from their peeling paint etc. Any suggestions as to how I could have done them better? Different plates, rebar? (Which cost more than the plates did!) This is my first attempt after seeing the great ones on Ht, and I was very leery. But FINALLYYYY! tada! NEW PICTURES.....hostas growing in, I am happier, doesn't look so barren now! Next ones will be green pvc or whatever! @KELLY, GAIL

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  • Janet Lombardi Blixt
    on Apr 13, 2016

    What kind of glue?

    • Bernice H
      on Apr 13, 2016

      @Janet Lombardi Blixt Hi Janet..i use clear silicone caulk , bath or outdoor for all my stuff. I did a bowling ball several years ago and it is still hanging in there with heat and cold! my cd spinners keep their marbles in the heat or cold..silicone is great, not runny like some adhesives.

    • Bernice H
      on Apr 14, 2016

      hey janet are you new to Hometalk????? warning is addictive . like eating potato chips....or m&m's...

    • Julie Deane
      on Jan 18, 2020

      GE Silicone 2 clear which really dries opaque. I also use E6000 but it’s ify

  • Linda Fraser
    on Apr 14, 2016

    again, I love them. I love how you have them tilted. What glue did you use? Be proud. You did a great job. Sometimes we can be our worst critic.

    • Bernice H
      on Apr 14, 2016

      @Linda Fraser well this was some time ago..since then we have moved to Mexico then now to calif. They are still in my Yakima WA yard as far as I know. I used GE ll silicone caulk.clear... all my marble stuff are done with that. Glad you like them. ;) I can see I will have to do some flowers to speak of here in the desert!

  • Nadine Hartman Bourne
    on Jun 30, 2017

    I love them. I splurged when I did mine and got copper pipe. they are about 2 years old now. one day the copper should turn a nice greenish shade.

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  • Christine Gjerness
    on May 4, 2015

    I agree with everyone else.....they are all totally awesome. I have all my plates, I have been waiting to find the time to start working. I'm hoping my flowers turn out as awesome as yours. I think the pcv pipe us a brilliant idea.

    • Bernice H
      on Apr 14, 2016

      @Kelly S hey Kelly, am back in the states, this time in Palm Desert CA.. hot hot hot. why???? I don't know . moment of weakness and fear of grey weather making fibro hurt.

  • Barbara Bosarge
    on Jul 31, 2015

    Your flowers re really cute. Mine are taller.I used rebar as my stems. I also painted the rebar. You will be amazed how a little paint on the stems will make it look so much better.

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