wondering about painting my old dresser

I got some free paint from Ace hardware and it already has primer in it and I have an old dresser I want to paint white. mind you this isn't chalk paint as I had never heard of it till I found your website. I also have some pruple paint for the knobs as I want to hopefully do my "space" in peace signs and I want purple and white with the peace sigh accents. I am very confused about this chalk paint and wondering if I can still paint with what I have and if it would look right. I also have a shelf I am wanting to do the same thing with and I want to paint white with a purple background, you think that would look right??? this is all the paint I have right now as I'm on a very limited budget and get what I can for free... but please help, do you have to use chalk paint for furniture or not???thanks for any advise!!!
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  • Kristin Crankshaw Kristin Crankshaw on Apr 13, 2013
    I make my own chalk paint. I use about 1 TBS unsanded grout to 1 cup of paint. I mix the grout with a little water to get a smooth consistency then add it to the paint and mix well. You do not have to sand your furniture before painting. I usually do three coats and sand lightly in between coats because it will have a slightly rough texture. Chalk paint dries quickly and sloughs off so nice leaving a soft, smooth finish. I seal some pieces with polycrylic or Fiddes and Sons wax.
  • Sherrie Sherrie on Apr 14, 2013
    Plaster Paris 3 parts paint 1/2 part plaster Paris Water to mix I use very warm about 2 TB spoons Grout I c paint 2 TB Grout Hot water to mix. About 2 TB My very favorite. This recipe is as old as the hills. This is what original chalk paint is. 2 parts paint 1 part calcium. Carbonate Mix well. Couple of notes. Calcium Carbonate is edible lime. Like tums. Tums won't work. You can either order this from your drug store, online. The key to making this look beautiful is wax. Paste wax. You can also make this or purchase it from Lowes home center. I have used purchase paint and home made. I can't tell a difference except in my pocket book. I know many people won't agree with me but this paint is as old as the hill's you many old fashion recipes for all sorts of paint. I have even used gesso to make chalk paint. Gesso is as close to the old recipes unless you want to purchase rabbit glue to make yours original. : ). There is also a limestone version. Many wonderful creative fun recipes out there! Wonderful luck!
  • I think the ideas of making your own chalk paint is your best option. Just make sure that you mix it really well. it shoud stick to the finish on the chest. As for your shelf, paint it purple first, then do a top coat of watered down white. Sand it so that the purple shows through. That should get you the finish you want. Good luck.
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