Asked on Apr 13, 2013

certains made from bed sheets

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when my grandmother was alive and had her rental property she would make certains from twin size bed sheets. I would love to do the same but I'm looking for something modern and chic but I have to be careful as my husband is legally blind and any light hurts his eyes. does anyone have any ideas that would look nice but be "cute" or is this even still done anymore. please help... I am moving soon and really cant afford to buy new certains for our new place and want to do SOMETHING!!! thanks sooo much!!!
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  • Julie S
    on Apr 14, 2013

    It is very possible to sew curtains from sheets...if you need the light blocked, I woujld think a dark color in a high quality sheet should might also check the sale tables at a fabric store, if the material is $3 a yard, the curtains are cheaper!

  • Mary Insana
    on Apr 14, 2013

    Try looking at a thrift shop for cute vintage style sheets. You can get them for just a couple dollars. You can also find good deals on curtains too. I'd try that route before buying new stuff since you're on a budget.

  • Gail Salminen
    on Apr 14, 2013

    @Elizabeth Coe there are probably a few things you can do. As @Mary I. has suggested to you, but don't outrule discount stores like Target and economical stores like Walmart - they also have light blocking panels that are about $10 a panel or less, as well as low cost rods. We have a Giant Tiger store in Canada which has realllly economical items including curtains, not sure what you have in AL. Here is one site with a tutorial on curtains from sheets - but if you google it there are tons more. Good luck, and hope you come up with something you like. Please update with pics on this post - love to see the creativity the people here have.

  • Angela Dickson
    on Apr 14, 2013

    My mother makes beautiful curtains out of sheets and she doubles them up so they are thicker and hang well. Use a darker print on one side, then a lighter color for the other and you could switch them around for a different "look" to your room! Good Luck!

  • Dee
    on Oct 19, 2015

    Try shower curtains. I got a very good quality shower curtains at a local thrift store for a very good price and used it as a bedroom curtain. I hung it flat, like a blind over the rod, as there was not enough to gather and then, would you believe I was fortunate enough to find another exactly the same, so now they are hanging as 'drapes' and I can open in the middle. They keep the room very dark when closed.

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