Asked on Apr 14, 2013

who do I call to look at a sewer lift pump in the basement that 'weeps

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when it rains?

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  • Well if it is not coming from the pipes or a leak through the roof or a wall - an energy auditor as that sounds like condensation though I really wouldn't expect that pipe to be cold. Is there condensation anywhere else? Is the majority of the water seem closer to the wall (if so check the slope of your yard & where your gutters are dumping water)

  • Is the pipe condensing water on the surface or is water running back down inside the pipe? If water is entering into the pipe there is a leak or damaged check valve that is not holding the water back. A plumber should be the person to call on this. I assume also your talking about a injector pump? Or are you speaking about a sump pump that pumps water out of the basement? Big difference on the answers.

  • H.O. Electric
    on Apr 15, 2013

    I would call the company that installed the system. they should warrantee their work

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