Our backyard from a total mess to this.

We bought an as is short sale and this is what we started with for a backyard. Our backyard is a work in progress & this is what weve done so far. So I didn't become over welmed with it I have broken it up in areas one mess at a time. In the progress I have moved a couple of things around, but I'm very pleased with the way it's turning out. Our newest additions are my turtle and alligator I recieved for my birthday from my husband. My next projects are first to get my garden planted for the season then a walk way done in Mosiac from the end of the cement to the sitting area and beginning of the first path & stone around pond.
Our backyard before. This was the insides of an RV. So our first taks was clearing this and the weeds.
At the end of the cement is where our little shed is now.
The patio area now. I'm going to hang the before picute's up behind the seating area. I was going to hang something Iron. But I like the idea of being able to see how far weve came.
The other side of the patio area. We also have planted 4 fruit trees along the back fence. They had cut down all 8 large trees and just left the stumps. Why will never know.
My new Alligator.
The fairy house. The grandkids love this.
Our cute little shed.
Kids area & bird area. Love sitting at the patio & watching the birds.
The pond and firepit area through the gates in the back.
My new turtle & added another flower area.

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