How much does it cost to have a 3200 sq ft home totally rewired?

My home was flooded aug 2011 by hurricane Irene. The NFIP Insurance adjuster says the electrical bid should be about $4 - $5k. I have been debating this with him as Congress states that any wire, box, outlet etc touched or damp is a coverable insurance item to the source of electricity. I received a bid for the whole home for $35k as the main 200 amp panel box and (2) 100 amp boxes were all soaked with mud and water. Even the electric on the third floor shorted out. I still haven't signed the loss claim as FEMA and NFIP have literally tried to coerce me into accepting their Insurance Examiners estimate before they give me any money. Is this bid reasonable. There are 57 light switches some 3 and 4 way, 93 outlets, and 82 light fixtures along with almost 2000 ft of 12-2 romex and 500 feet of 14-3 romex for the switches. 1 200 amp breaker box, and (2) smaller 100 amp baxes.
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