Composite decking

If anyone is out there who has had a composite decking installed and now finds that was the worst idea ever please get in touch with me. We are putting together a class action suit and would like to hear from other's who cannot get any satisfaction from the companies who market this product. They were marketed as "maintenance free" and those who have installed these products know that is not even near the truth.

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  • Terrie Kaufman
    on Aug 28, 2013

    Hi: Actually at this moment my client does not seem to want to take the time to participate in anything, She is disgusted and sick of even talking about the $18,000 she paid for something that now needs replacing.

    • Ria10597461
      on Aug 23, 2016

      It's 3 years since you posted, but I'm interested in learning if anything has been resolved with the TimberTech mold issue. I've been in touch with the company, and nothing was done. The porch is covered in black spots and looks HORRIBLE. I had a 40 year old wooden deck with no mold before replacing it with this composite nightmare.

  • I simply love it when attorneys get involved in these things. They tend to twist the wording around in an effort to get money that the end user who thought they were taken will never get. Anyone who thinks they will be made whole again is clearly mistaken. While people may have been told by installers not to wash the decks with power washers were sadly told wrong information. Your issue is with them not the product. Although power washing is not suggested as most will lift the surface of the deck material, it can be done if the person knows how to do this properly. This does not suggest that you should not clean the surface when it gets dirty. @Terrie Kaufman I would think long and hard about being involved in this. I was involved quite strongly with an area EIFS law suit where the attorneys sued the manufacture of the stucco products on homes for leaks and issues. It made my life miserable. As an independent inspector of these products I was black listed by all of the manufactures and lost all my communication with them when I needed information about their product lines in order to inspect their products. Also being associated with this type of suite puts you in the middle of everything. Your asked to testify without getting paid, you spend hours going back and fourth to court only to have things postponed. And the only people that win if there is such a thing are the attorneys who say they are helping the consumer who's only real interest is making money on the backs of others. And to the consumer who thinks that their home or deck does not need to be cared for. shame on you. I do not care what it is that you have decks, siding, roofs or even that coffee maker on your desk. Everything needs to be cleaned and serviced. If the installer or the sales person said there is no maintenance to a product, its them that they have to go after. What the deck companies say in their product information and all their web sites is that compared to wood decks there is no painting or sanding thus no maintenance with their decks. They are not saying that the decks do not need to be cleaned and kept leave free. People are lazy by nature not only with maintaining their homes and cars, but in reading the information provided by the manufacture of the product. They rely on the installer who will say anything that you want to hear to make a sale. As an example of who wins and looses, A class action suite was recently settled in NJ on the red light cameras used at intersections. They canvassed thousands of people who got tickets because of a malfunction in the timing of the yellow light. The kept telling them they would get a part of the settlement making them think they would be getting all sorts of cash because they were wronged. Again they did not understand exactly what they would get, they only heard millions of dollars would be won. They all got a check for $12 in the mail Not even close to the cost of the ticket, let alone the points that are on their licenses for the next three years. And guess what? cameras are still there and they changed the timing of the camera by 1 second.

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