Hose Reel solution for yard and garden,outdoor faucet extension/remote

Got tired of the cheap plastic hose reels that don't last. Plus my dumb house builder, put the water spigots behind the AC units(real smart). So I built this to make the water much more accessible. I mounted an aluminum hose reel, up high, so no bending down, just a simple crank type. Plus used HD washing machine hoses (stainless steel 5/8" braided, not the typical 3/8"), with ball type spigots with quick disconnects from Lee Valley; so now I just leave the spigots behind the AC units on all the time; when winter comes, just remove hoses and shut off water. Also added copper post tops. Features 2-tap water spigots, and 2-well water spigots. Plus room for expansion, and to hang things on back and sides. Came out nice. The 2 upright posts ,are cemented in; the bottom cross members serve 2-fuctions, 1) were part of the overall design, 2) to hold in place/level while concrete dried. Plus I put Treated 4x4's around the entire area with pea-gravel. Was always muddy here(not much sun). Just have to stain a a few weeks. I drilled many holes and spaces around the perimeter for drainage; as I wanted to ensure the area doesn't fill up with water in heavy rains. (Note: I had one of those watered powered hose reels before, never really worked, you would need much higher than average water pressure to make these work properly; so I went back to simplicity- less problems I hope.) The reel was about $80, with the wood, hardware and plumbing etc, total cost about $400 (already had the hose and water timer).
UPDATE 5-30-2014: The only issue I had was plumbing parts from Lowe's and Home Depot. First I had used Galvanized nipples to go through the 4x4 to attached the faucets, they were rusting badly at the threads, and I replaced with Brass nipples. Secondly was the faucets, the faucet handles started rusting within months, these are outdoor faucets, and should not rust. I returned them, and ordered my faucets online, and they had a upgrade option for Stainless Steel handles; which I ordered and installed, now all is good again. Ordered the faucets with stainless steel handles from http://www.arrowheadbrass.com
UPDATE 6-5-2015: Due to freezing temperatures, I've been removing the spigots in winter. This year, I removed the hoses, but instead of removing the spigots, I just unscrewed the lag bolts on the cross members, and took the wood with spigots attached indoors for the winter, much quicker and easier.

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  • Penny Morris
    Penny Morris
    on May 17, 2018

    Do you have a four spigot splitter at the house?

    • Clay B
      Clay B
      on May 17, 2018

      I have 2 spigots on back of house. City water spigot , and well water spigot. I put Y-fitting on each spigot. So I could have 2 city waters on my reel post, and 2 well water. That was my preference. I did this as I have a pool, and sometimes have to add water using city water, but want to water my plants with well water. Plus, I have a timer I use sometimes, so I can leave that connected to city or well water, and still always have 2 free spigots. Plus, I like one fresh water spigot available to fill dog water dish, or wash my hands etc. I have same hose reel in front of house, but only 2 spigots on that post.

  • Leo Urban
    Leo Urban
    on May 29, 2018

    What type of spigot did you use? Did you drill out the 4x4 ?

  • Wil33831763
    on Jul 20, 2018

    I don’t think I missed it but do you have a back view

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  • Jerri M
    Jerri M
    on Jul 15, 2015

    very cool!! great idea! thanks for sharing!

  • Justin Prim
    Justin Prim
    on Jul 3, 2017

    how long are the center 4x4s thinking of doing something like this myself and eventually want to get a hose real kinda like that so need to know how far apart I should make the horizontal parts
    • Clay B
      Clay B
      on Aug 31, 2017

      Figure height.. 2ft go into ground. The the height above is what you want. But 8ft 4x4, with 2ft in ground, they will be 6 ft tall. As for width, buy the reel you want, then make width to fit the reel, centering the mounting holes on the vertical portions. Should only need to buy 3 pcs of 4x4x8ft to make this. 1 would be cut up for horizontal pcs. The 2 pcs you see on the bottom can be temporary, just needed to keep straight while cement is wet, you can remove once cement dries in ground, I just left mine on.

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