Help with updating my double entry doors (and hardware) needed! UPDATE

After doing our front yard and putting in a new patio, path and a curved step at our entryway, I'm ready to update the front doors. I'm thinking about painting them a dark red (similar to the color of the planter pots at the sides), but I'm not sure how to update the hardware. Should I remove the silvery, pitted metal handles near the top of the doors, or paint them black? I will replace the lock and deadbolt, but again not sure what to replace them with. Any help or ideas would be appreciated!
3/23/16 UPDATE: Thanks for all the comments and help - see our updated look below! The color is Glidden's California Claret.
q help with updating my double entry doors and hardware needed, curb appeal, doors
q help with updating my double entry doors and hardware needed, curb appeal, doors
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  • Margaret Margaret on Jan 20, 2016
    My 2 for the door is good. I would use the new hammered whatever its dark for door fixtures. Add a larger light maybe one on each side of the door. Im not fond of the topiarys I would put a large wreath on one side of the door and an arrangement of large colored pots on the other.

    • Carole Harland Carole Harland on Jan 20, 2016
      @Haha, thanks, Margaret. I recently brought those obelisks and am just waiting for the jasmine to fill in and bloom :) @I agree that a large wreath needs to replace the under-sized decor that's there - isn't it weird how you look at something in real life every day, but don't really "see" it until its in a photograph?

  • Julian Julian on Jan 20, 2016
    Red with brushed nickel or black would look nice...

    • Carole Harland Carole Harland on Jan 20, 2016
      @Thanks Julian - I like the black latch hardware and I'm thinking I need a dummy one one the other door for balance.

  • Janet Pizaro Janet Pizaro on Jan 20, 2016
    I would choose more of a cranberry red to blend with the walkway and roof and spray paint the hardware a metallic hammered brush nickel.

  • Holly Jensen Holly Jensen on Jan 20, 2016
    Hi Carol - If this was my project, I would remove the high handles and patch holes, paint the doors Cranberry - the perfect red with some elegance will marry well with your walkway and roof, and complement your exterior colour. I would replace the deadbolt with a thumb latch style in Black or Oil Rubbed Bronze. And if light was something you would like to add to your front entry, they sell thermo pane inserts for doors - fairly easy to install, and not a huge dent in the budget. Good luck with your project! :-)

    • Carole Harland Carole Harland on Jan 21, 2016
      @Holly, I think you may be right, a black latch style hardware would look good with a red color and then the high handles would be obsolete. I really wish I could add some door lites, but my budget is minuscule. The major expense will be the new hardware, then just paint to keep it affordable. When (if...) I can afford it I will replace these doors because although they are solid (unknown) wood, they are very rough, almost fence-like even, and the rectangular design detail is just an added wood trim (see photo). Then I will have light in my entryway!

  • Johnchip Johnchip on Jan 20, 2016
    With terra cotta color tile roof, i would also go red, or a dark salmon, but keep it a bit into the orange toned side, medium tone, not dark. The scale of everything is off. I also am not fond of the topiaries, look too small, forced look and out of place (just move them to some other place, frame a window, or on the corner). I might use a large barrel, matching statuary or lg. concrete urns or anything taller. The door handles are just awful and the other junk on the doors, all has to go. I would use a handle on in the center of the mid panels. round or a horizontal bar look. Brushed tone metal, either dark or midrange as long as they all match.

  • Kathy Kathy on Jan 20, 2016
    We have double doors also, theywere 1970's dark stain. I antiqued them a moss green with our yellowhouse and I purchased bronze hardware, wow what a difference. Rust red or Cranberry would look great onyour house, have fun!

  • Jean Myles Jean Myles on Jan 20, 2016
    I agree Cranberry is a great colour choice for your doors .I think Holy Jenson has the right idea.

  • Wilma larson Wilma larson on Jan 20, 2016
    I love my double red doors. I would paint the wooden flower box under in window the same red,

  • Kayo Frazier Kayo Frazier on Jan 20, 2016
    Here's my 2 cents...I would flip the door handles w/ the locks the way it is now it's just awkward. If you go w/ the cranberry color suggested above I would make the handles either black or dark metal. I think you should move the garden hose around the corner of the house since it's mobile & add more potted plants on that side. You could add some potted plants on the mulch side bet. the lights & rocks as well. Hope this helps.

  • MN Mom MN Mom on Jan 20, 2016
    Hi Carole Red would be awesome and would certainly enhance the red tones in your new brickwork. The door handles do seem like they are placed a little too high. If you are going to spray or replace them, maybe consider lowering their location on the doors. I think a simple wreath on each door would be welcoming and really draw your guests in to your newly redone walkway and entry!

    • Carole Harland Carole Harland on Jan 21, 2016
      Thanks, @MN Mom - yes, I think I'm going to follow Holly Jensen's advice and remove the high handles and the chrome hardware and replace with two large, black, latch-style handles lower down. I'm looking at Glidden's California Claret or Rusty Red for paint color. I like your idea of large simple wreaths, maybe plain boxwood - I can always add pops of color to it later, right?

  • Mickey Mickey on Jan 21, 2016
    My opinion is...Like the rest ^. The color you have in mind is perfect with that yellow. Get a low gloss, so it shines a bit. Bring down the black painted handles, center them better. Switch out your porch light for something in black, to match your hardware. (It looks pewter now?) I think once you have this done, decorating your entrance will come easy for you. LUCKY YOU to have such a pretty entrance way!

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    • Carol Sybrowsky Carol Sybrowsky on Mar 19, 2017
      Yes. Replace the lights with something Black or ORB. Also, the lights are too small. You need something about twice that size to balance the size of the door. When I was looking for the correct size lanterns for my doors, I found a style I liked which happened to come in 3 sizes. I made to scale cut outs in black construction paper and taped them to my house to see which size was best. That helped me to find the perfect size!

  • Lulu Lulu on Jan 22, 2016
    Personally.I would Remove all iron work from doors,paint them ROYAL BLUE,Find Brass Large round knobs to push doors open,+ brass lock set, house numbers+knocker(see E bay),+install porch lights on both sides of doors (not above) Paint garage door same mustard color as walls to make house look streamlined. Stand back and enjoy!!

  • Diana Cromarty Diana Cromarty on Jan 22, 2016
    For what it's worth? Although I personally love both red and cranberry...I'm not sure that either would compliment the house overall. In looking at the brick in your patio, and taking the roof into consideration as well? I'm leaning towards a medium-to-dark slate blue for the doors. Further, I would remove the black wrought iron set - too distracting. The door(way) should be elegant and welcoming...anything else (other than perhaps the correct scaling of two wreaths perhaps?) might prove distracting. If you can afford it? You might want to purchase some paint 'tester' pots...paint sheets of bristle board and put them up against the doors and stand back and 'camera in" on the doors with your hands - as none of us knows yet how the light in your area will affect/impact on the paint colour you eventually choose (I can explain 'camera-in" later if you like?) and what it will look like before you go further with the project. And last but certainly not least? Consider taking some photos of the front of the house to your local paint store and see what they would suggest as well. Good luck in whatever you decide...remember..your the one who is living there...and YOU of all people needs to love the end result.

  • The Redesign Habit The Redesign Habit on Jan 22, 2016
    Here are my thoughts...since you have the beautiful stone and kind of peachy undertones in your paint, I would stay away from the red family and do a beautiful blue on your doors. I would tie that in by painting out the flower box to match the doors. I would lose the black hardware completely and just buy a beautiful new contemporary door handle/lock set. There are so many to pick from and they are a good investment. You can then either replace your existing outdoor light with a finish to match your new door hardware or spray paint the one you have to match. You could then change out your welcome mat to something that matches your new look and maybe get one that is a little bigger since you have the beautiful double doors.. Finally, if you got a couple of new fuller, bigger plants to the flank the doors that would be beautiful. If you watch for sales you can get something like a couple of beautiful ficus trees for around 40.00 apiece. They are full, lush, and beautiful. Of course, your weather will determine what kind of plants would work well where you are. Good luck with whatever you decide to do!