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DIY Mini Storage Cabinet

Hello Hometalk Friends! I'm back today with a simple DIY project for you. As part of a monthly power tool challenge, I along with some fearless blogger friends, share simple DIY projects that involve power tools, but that anyone can tackle.This month's theme was storage/organization and I think you would agree that we can all use a little more of both! For my project I decided to create a mini storage cabinet, good for organizing so many things.
My jumping off point was this thrift store frame:
I needed something to use as the door and the size was just what I was looking for. Here is how it turned out:
Cute and functional! You know I used a frame for the door. Want to see what I used for the cabinet?
The boards from this thing that came out of our garage:
The previous owners had left this in our garage and it was serving absolutely no purpose so I tossed in the driveway for my Hubby to get rid of. Fast forward a few days and it was STILL there, so as I am looking to make this here little cabinet, I dragged it back in and took it apart. The wood was perfect! (Sorry Hubby lost his chance to get rid of something!)
For the door panel, I used an old fence picket.
I white-washed those and the cabinet for a weathered look. (Follow the link to this post on my blog at the bottom for details on how to whitewash.)
My favorite has to be the hardware though. These plain black pieces weren't all that interesting, but a little blue paint fixed them right up!
They add a bit of a coastal feel to this piece.
I'm so pleased with how it came together, and it was very simple to do.
And of course you want to see the inside, right?
I'm using it for nail polish...
The only thing I had to purchase was this magnetic closure for 97¢!
I also added hanging brackets to the back. This could be used for so many things, like spices, medicines, office supplies, the list goes on.
Hope you enjoyed this simple DIY. The only tool I needed was my miter saw. I share more photos and details on how to build it at the link below. :)

To see more: http://www.confessionsofaserialdiyer.com/diy-mini-storage-cabinet-with-reclaimed-wood/

Inspired? Will you try this project? Let the author know!