10 Insanely Creative Ways to Use Pool Noodles Outside the Pool

Drop everything and dig yours out of the garage today!

By Hometalk Highlights

Make floating pond or fountain lights

Cut an extra pool noodle into slices and add submersible tea lights for floating fun!

Turn a few into decorative faux birch logs

Decorate a winter home with these faux birch logs - just foam noodles covered in paper & paint!

Create mushroom homes for garden decor

Pair a few noodles with plastic bowls to create these adorable mushroom homes for the garden.

Make a fairy garden base

Twist a few into the bottom of a wicker basket, to start a magical indoor fairy garden.

Cover the springs on a giant trampoline

Make outdoor fun more colorful and safe, by covering up those thick trampoline springs.

Add slices to a string of lights

Dress up a plain string of fairy lights by adding a slice of pool noodle here and there.

Craft a colorful spring wreath

With spring just around the corner, beautify your front door using seed packets & a noodle!

Level your backyard pool

No matter the shape of your porch or yard, your kids can enjoy their pool - save this one for the summer!

Dress up a boring standing lamp

Give a lamp nautical panache, by covering it with a pool noodle and wrapping it in rope.

Use two pieces to make a double wreath

Cut two pieces from a foam noodle, lay one inside the other & impress your neighbors! (Christina @Christina's Adventures