Asked on Apr 16, 2013

floor transition after removing foyer wall

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I'm removing a 10' wall in the entrance foyer dividing the dining room to open it up; both floors have the same atypical hardwood I wish to keep (various widths, unique pattern), but will be impossible to flow through after wall removed (wall was built then floors put down). Has anyone had any experience or ideas on how to handle? One consideration was putting up spindle railing with a walk-through and just put down a threshold, or put a single layer of tile, but thought I'd ask the group. Thanks ahead- Larry
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  • Got access to any wood that will match (steal from a carpeted room, buy, etc...) - if so pop the wood carefully from your foyer & have them weave it into the dining room. Another option is to do an inlay with a different species - maybe see if you can do some sort of pattern incorporating that area

  • I would cut out the same thickness all the way around the room to create a pattern such as SLS suggested. Then fill with different color wood to make it look like it was planned that way.

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