I need your help! What does my living room need?

I have visions of an inviting eclectic, modern, colorful room and I need advice! Take a look at my current set up and tell me what you think! I'm all ears :D
More pics: http://www.myclevernest.com/2013/04/living-room-day-163-i-need-your-help.html
i need your help what does my living room need, home decor, living room ideas, we rent so I can t do anything major or paint as far as I know But I am willing to change anything else
we rent, so I can't do anything major, or paint (as far as I know). But I am willing to change anything else!
i need your help what does my living room need, home decor, living room ideas, These are my inspiration pics
These are my inspiration pics!
i need your help what does my living room need, home decor, living room ideas, Here s my current set up How can I make it look more professional my post
Here's my current set up. How can I make it look more professional? my post http://www.myclevernest.com/2013/04/living-room-day-163-i-need-your-help.html
i need your help what does my living room need, home decor, living room ideas, gray couch yellow accent wall and shelves
gray couch... yellow accent wall and shelves?
i need your help what does my living room need, home decor, living room ideas
i need your help what does my living room need, home decor, living room ideas, our mantel
our mantel.
i need your help what does my living room need, home decor, living room ideas, tv and media stand
tv and media stand
i need your help what does my living room need, home decor, living room ideas, should I paint the media cabinet green
should I paint the media cabinet green?
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  • Z Z on Apr 17, 2013
    You have a great start Alyssa. Before I saw the photoshop of the yellow wall I was going to suggest painting that area yellow, but since you are renting you could always attach yellow fabric to that area using spray starch. That will remove easily, just peel off, when you are ready. Possibly add some more colorful art in that area. Find a large tray for your ottoman to set some stacked books on. I also think adding colorful printed drapes would help get the style your after too.
  • Nancy B Nancy B on Apr 17, 2013
    Ask your landlord if you CAN paint, most will say OK with the stipulation that you paint it back to original or neutral color when you move. What is your focal point in the room. The green media cabinet looks good. Can you hang things on the wall? Maybe move the media cabinet away from the window and find some shelving that can be put on both sides to make it more of a focal wall, and you can display art, books, photos, etc... Good luck!
  • Mary Insana Mary Insana on Apr 17, 2013
    Instead of green for the media cabinet how about a shade of yellow since you want yellow somewhere. And since Becky mentioned that you are a renter you probably can't mount the TV on the wall, what about making a frame/hutch attached to the media cabinet? It would raise your TV up like it was mounted. Basically make a square out of wood and then put a shelf somewhere in the middle for the TV. For stability for the TV you can drill two small holes into the base part of the TV and secure with screws. I did that with our TV which is on a shelf to make sure it didn't fall
  • Z Z on Apr 17, 2013
    Oh Nancy made me think to mention 3M Command strips for hanging things on the wall. If you remove them correctly (by pulling straight down) they leave absolutely NO mark.
  • Kristine Hawkins Kristine Hawkins on Apr 17, 2013
    paint if you want , most landlords don't care if you ask, and if they do you can always paint it back. most of the time they keep your deposit any way to repaint and clean carpets, so. I think you need a more colorful rug. maybe something with a pattern with some blues and yellows and green. paint the tv stain blue to counter balance the big blue pictures.
  • Wanda Wanda on Apr 17, 2013
    many landlords will let you paint but may want to approve the color. being military and moving often I am very familiar with decorating what you have! fabric attached with starch and removable wallpaper are options if you don't paint. there really are many things you can do without painting. moving is stressful and who has time to repaint. bring color in with you rug curtains and accessories. good luck.
  • Jeanette S Jeanette S on Apr 18, 2013
    First, look at the accent colors you have there...orange, yellow, aqua, green...too many. Since the largest pieces are aqua and yellow, you need to use these 2. Yellow throw or some yellow pillows (I think yellow would be prettier with the couch color than aqua). Then paint the orange piece yellow or remove it. Unless you just want to paint the cabinet, leave it natural and hide any scratches with a good dark Old English furniture oil. Try using a little color and then branch out if you feel you need more. The funny thing about color is that if you have large neutral colored pieces, you have to start adding color a little at a time so you don't get that uncoordinated look. Be sure and post your results!
  • V Valencia V Valencia on Apr 18, 2013
    Turquoise is a very popular color right now. I would add a rug, throw, and objet d' art in this color. Replace the pillows with pillow in this color too. You just need some pattern or texture in the mix.
  • Penny Spencer Thompson Penny Spencer Thompson on Apr 18, 2013
    what did you use to change the colors? Is it a website or something?
  • Alyssa @ Clever Nest Alyssa @ Clever Nest on Apr 18, 2013
    @Penny Spencer Thompson I used Pic Monkey. It was the "lip tint" feature, for adding lip color to a pic, but you can make it any color you want :). Most of the features are free, but there's a yearly fee to access all the features. I really like it
  • Trudie S Trudie S on Apr 18, 2013
    I bought my (Grey) sofa about three months ago, had they same problem trying to add color. So i used yellow in a small cabinet, painted it white, open the doors and painted yellow behind the shelves.( I would paint your media cabinet yellow.) Target has the prettiest yellow & black throw pillows (about $13.00 each). Then paint you end tables black, bought (2) clear base lamps, the (2) lamp shades are grey with black brush strokes. Went to ikea and bought a black and white piece of material and framed it ( iv'e had so many compliments on it). Then to bring in color i bought a rug that is very modern and full of color. Target also has yellow place mats that match the pillows, which i use under my lamps on top of the black end tables. No, i don't work for target but they have great prices and the pillows, place mats,lamps and shades are at a good price. Accessories with chrome,black, white and with some colors from the rug will bring it all together. Good luck and hope that you like the ideas:0)
  • Gail Salminen Gail Salminen on Apr 19, 2013
    @Alyssa @ Clever Nest I love these types of questions, but they get my juices flowing LOL so I am likely to be a little long winded. I checked out your blog for details so I wouldn't miss anything and it really gave a better idea for the space - great pics I also looked at the pics of what you want to acheive so that I could make relevant comments. One of the things I noticed there is that your fireplace has no presence in the room, didn't realize you had one until I went to your blog. I think I might swap places for the love seat. Place it at the other end of the couch to allow the fireplace to be a focal point. Your glider could go to the other end by the fireplace. If you think that it is too heavy when entering the room - placing a sofa table behind the loveseat will create some balance there. While we are the subject of the fireplace, I love your idea of adding shelves - it would cause the eye to move upwards and notice all of you accent pieces. I would advice keeping the shelves inside of the brick work. I love the clock btw. You could also take Mr. Figgy off the table and place on the floor by the window next to the fireplace. He is big enough to create his own charm in the room - he is a great specimen. I think Succy is in the right place and the container is very classy. I think you have a great eye for style and deals. The ottoman/coffee table is lovely, I wonder if it isn't a bit too heavy with your sofa set. If you are wanting to achieve an airy eclectic look, you may want to go thrifting and pick up a coffee table to refinish - I know how you transform gems in the rough on repurposing and refinishing stuff. This would allow help achieve that look. The ottoman might be able to be used by the fireplace with that area opened up. I also like pieces like this placed at the end of a bed, and adds a great place to sit place other accessories. I agree with what others are saying on the accent colours. Pick a couple (I think the general rule is upt to 3) to use throughout the room - aqua should be one of them - nice art work, and perhaps yellow - one that doesn't blend in to the walls too much. Unless black has a heavy presence in the room, I wouldn't count that as an accent colour. Sometimes a bit of black can serve to anchor an area without being an accent colour. Some of the 'want to acheive' pics show art work flowing up the wall and start quite low. Sometimes that can be done on either side of furniture, rather than one whole wall. You could look at where you could do this in your apartment. You could also choose some window panels with more colour, preferrably with your accent colours. Somehow I can visualize you buying the solid colour and adding the accent colours you want in them. Maybe because you are very artistic ;) One of the things I like to do is to buy very unusual accent pieces - on sale of course. This takes a lot of time but over the course of a few years you achieve the look you want. If I am in Home Sense or Winners or other such stores - getting a Target here this fall and hope they have a section for home decor - sale sections and pick them up for a song. I try to acheive a balance for tall and shorter specimens to give the eye a reason to move all over the room. Almost forgot to comment on your lamps. The bases are indeed lovely. I noticed you wanted new shades, you may want to check out Walmarts and Home Sense - their sades are much more reasonably priced. I would suggest something with a little more height. Painting the furniture might be a great idea, you might consider a white wash of the colour you choose. Distressing it a bit may also help you acheive the eclectic look you are going for. @Petticoat Junktion has some great pieces posted - in aqua - that might inspire you. Lots of others have also posted here, using solids and waxes - @Mary I. just posted a redone dresser in red that is quite striking. Sorry for the long windedness, but once you get me started I can't stop. Thanks for posting and do update us with pics once in a while.
  • Therese C Therese C on Apr 21, 2013
    I know you want color, but black and white are really good 'colors' to incorporate for balance. Maybe a black and white rug (Amazon.com has an incredible rug on sale B&W Eiffel Tower) that would slam your room awake quickly! The tv cabinet could go high gloss black with white & turquoise pulls, and to get your yellow into the room, think about bringing it in through the windows (clever play on words there) and dress the windows in alternating yellow and white sheers with a black & turquoise header and black satin ribbon ties backs. Don't forget to use 3-4 different textures in the room; silks, nubby tweed, cotton, and of course pillows made of corduroy really give a room conversation and wake the senses. Something else you may want to consider is what most people overlook: go to your local walmart, flea market, whatever and looks for clear glass long planter box style doo-dads ( I found some in the candle section at walmart) add clear marbles in varying sizes (dollar general $1 a bag), pour those in, add water and seeds like lemon grass, set them in the window and let them grow..just cut off with scissors if it gets too tall..and voila! instant beauty and color!
  • Yair Spolter Yair Spolter on Apr 21, 2013
    Hey @Therese C great to see you again. We missed you on HT!
  • Therese C Therese C on Apr 21, 2013
    Thank you Yair..it is good to be 'home'....:)
  • Lynn Jordan Lynn Jordan on Jan 17, 2014
  • Brenda De Lair Brenda De Lair on Jan 17, 2014
    Lower the art and bring the pictures closer together, change the rug out to something brighter (a lot of places will let you bring the rug home to try it and see if it works, and change the accent pillows. I would have white, turquoise, and yellow. If you are allowed to paint, I would go with a light buttery yellow. I'm thinking a sandy beach with beautiful blue waters on a bright sunny day. I wouldn't paint the TV cabinet. As it is, it is neutral and natural and would go with anything.
  • Brenda De Lair Brenda De Lair on Jan 17, 2014
    Changed my mind on the tv cabinet lol. I wouldn't go green though. I would go one of the blues in the pictures behind the couch.
  • Brenda De Lair Brenda De Lair on Jan 17, 2014
    Also, I like the beige couch and I love the idea of the shelves. Let us know the outcome.
  • Paula Wyrick Paula Wyrick on Jan 17, 2014
    I would use a light, colorful area rug and paint the end table and TV console a distressed white...you can really see the "beachy chic" look coming into play. Also, instead of the ottoman, pick up an old cocktail table from a thrift shop and paint it distressed white as well. Good luck...can't wait to see final redo pictures!
  • Bernice H Bernice H on Jan 17, 2014
    Actually I just noticed this post was from last april..so WHAT DID YOU DO?I was going to suggest a real bold rug, this one was very hohum, as were the pillows. Quick fixes, I would have tried them first. I had posted some pillows I thought would go super in there, and I am having so much trouble posting anything, I gave up. So am anxious to see your decision?
  • Wanda sinnema Wanda sinnema on Jan 17, 2014
    this room has great space..but looks off balance, needs some pattern and balance....the right side: bright art. big plant and lots of sofa-love seat. I'd slide the sofa a bit to seperate, and to break up the huge block of the same color they give. Since you rent ,I'd maybye slipcover them in a darker color, against the wallcolor they look a little blah for the look you want, I like your grey .. I'd switch the great fig plant and floor lamp to help balance the weight of the room a bit. With that great natural lighting I'd add a smaller plant in a finer texture, a small 8-10 inch palm or grassy texture, placed on the small table by the sofa. The other lamp then I'd put on the small table by the mirror, to give it a less formal matchey matchey feel. Go with bold printed sheer curtains,or at least sew wide bands of color on the bottom of those, to balance the artwork, bringing color around the room, yet not blocking the great natural light. I like your idea of the shelves and bold yellow on the mantel, use a few bigger pieces again to balance the scale of the bold art work. I'd go with a a different smaller area rug, either texture, print or color. I might change out the sofa pillows after the after the rest is done also, just for fun I'd make 3-4 floor pillows and stack them next to the media cabinet for another punch of color. Home dec remnents are good for that or also an extra curtain panel works great too, and you can get several from 1 panel, and there are lots of choices. As for the media cabinet, I think since its such a big piece I'd paint it black, remove either the doors or drawers add matching baskets to slide in, then change the remaining hardware to be safe.If won't look like a big wall of black with the tv on top. If you weren't renting maybe a bolder color..Please post some finished photos,, you have lots and lots of ideas to choose from..
  • Gwen Gwen on Sep 19, 2014
    First off, that teal ocean blue in your samples on their couches makes better sense for your TV cabinet. Bright! Basket next to it? A bright colored throw draped over its side. Look at your shelves. Mimic each shelf top down to your bottom and replicate their look. Exactly !! It will cozy up your space and bring in colors. Can you spray paint the lamp bases the bright lime green because that's what also popped in your inspiration. Drapes. If they are the owner's, it is possible to hang them in a closet and put up some like your inspiration...World Market and West Elm clearance have some reasonably priced or look at other stores. These also make a huge impact. Oh dear. This is a year old plea for help. I'm sure my ideas are silly!!!!
  • The Chirping Frog The Chirping Frog on Sep 30, 2014
    It just need some punch now.... you have the general idea just add some pattern (you have textures but not much pattern).... bolder window treatments and maybe a bolder rug would go a long ways to add some punch.
  • Deborah Deborah on Jan 11, 2015
    I maybe to late but I was browsing and ran into this. First thing I noticed before blowing your picture up. I would repeat the color of blue perhaps. It's in your ambre art. Simple no sew pillow covers for your throw pillows. Repeat the blue but not overly. Thanks for posting, I need to do the same for alot of great minds think alike advice! :) Came back to edit here. Is it possible to mount your TV above fireplace? Make that mantel a statement even if you don't use it! Surround your TV with gallery wall art/photos to disquise the tv, in other words...it's not the show stopper. Perhaps make the mantel chunkier as well, by doing this you can use the mantel for all sorts of things to change up the room. Holidays, seasonal etc. Of course move furniture after moving TV.
  • Kayo Frazier Kayo Frazier on Jan 13, 2015
    Ok, Here's my 2 cents to add to the mix...Bohemian is all about color, patterns, and relaxing..There is a reason the Moroccan style works so well w/ Bohemian. Hate to say it but you've got way too much tan & beige going on. IF you can paint your walls I would take the darkest color in the paintings above your couch & put it on the wall behind your couch, then I would use 3 lighter blue colors for the other walls. IF you want to I would slipcover your couch & love seat in a deep rich royal blue. Keep the ottoman as is. Now for the pillows, if you are crafty, I would make new pillow covers, make all of them in jewel tones w/ some kind of pattern on them, so they can contrast w/ the blue. Don't be afraid to make some a contrasting color like a bright orange. Both rugs should come up, the hardwood floor is beautiful why cover it up. If you must have a rug try to find one that is the same size as the biggest rug you have now. Again find a rug that has an interesting pattern to it. For the media cabinet, the side tables find this stencil pattern & apply it to all 3 furniture pieces. I think it would look better w/ all 3 pieces if you kept the wood & stenciled them w/ white. http://www.cuttingedgestencils.com/indian-inlay-stencil-furniture.html Last thing w/ all the other changes I'd keep the curtains. Hope this helps.
  • Victoria D Victoria D on Jan 13, 2015
    I may be off a little but I love Orange tones that you can incorporate in Art form over the fire place such as a large flower and get rid of the small stuff, and that clock I think is a distraction for your guess they will want to leave fast, that ottoman table is the mode but it looks like a pc of furniture in the middle of the room too close to the sofas, a table would look better, the plant needs to be a little lower and do separate your sofas find you other eclectic piece to add and more plants smaller sizes not too small. I hope I don't sound pushy but you ask. I am sure it will be great when you finish.
  • Lee Cunningham Green Lee Cunningham Green on Feb 22, 2015
    I think the room is comfortable, it is a bit calm with the color tones you have chosen, but I don't think that is bad for a home space, Rather than removing anything I would suggest opening up the space between the couches, they don't both need to have access to the corner table at least spacially speaking, So what I would actually do is move the tv and stand a bit and allow some distance between the furnishings, the corner looks tight with the plant and the lamp beside eachother. Perhaps a small plant stand and bring that plant and maybe 2 baby sister plants to the window area. to counter the coolness in the room with a little more living plants! Either way I think the room is nice and if you enjoy the color tones enjoy them. It's your space Celebrate it. Find a piece of art that speaks to you and it will make it feel more homey.. Good luck.
  • Miriam Miriam on Mar 20, 2015
    I love the arrangement of the furniture. I envision using the color tones from the colorful stool by the sofa and incorporating them throughout with brighter pillows and curtains and rug. Also, the mantle is a perfect place to add some punch of color, perhaps an aqua blue inset surrounded by a darker yellow or orange. I'd love to see what you've done to the space.
  • Sha3898107 Sha3898107 on Feb 09, 2016
    The blues in the pictures are awesom they are very tranquil when I look at them, maybe some blues, new lamp shades, or be cheap go to hobby store, get material cover them, very easy, or sequences on them, or paint the shades,
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