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Bernice H
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My humming crabapple tree...

The bees are so busy my tree is just humming!!! They pay no attention to me, their little legs are so full of good stuff they can hardly fly! I love the hum! Like the tree has a life of its own and is HAPPY!
my humming crabapple tree, gardening
my humming crabapple tree, gardening
my humming crabapple tree, gardening

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  • Bernice H
    on Apr 21, 2013

    @BECKY Bonnie is gets very cold here in the winter , colder than where you are. We are apple country remember! And very hot in the summer! They grow all over here and Spokane, and probably right where you are. Maybe just not noticed them!

  • Tammy Brenner
    on Jun 27, 2013

    Beautiful! I have a crape myrtle out front that I just love. It's not quite as big and beautiful as yours. It's still a baby just planted 2 years ago. I also have I think it's called a black fruitless plum tree I planted around the same time. They give me the color I need out front. Whoever owned our house before us cut down every tree and there had to be some beautiful ones by the size of the stumps they left behind. between the front and back around 7 of them. We've had to pay someone to come and grind a few of them down because they were in the way of a project.

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