Asked on Apr 18, 2013

Need tip on starting garden tiller when engine is hot

E.C. PWoodbridge Environmental


My 8 HP Briggs and Stratton garden tiller starts easily when cold...even after sitting unused for a couple months. However, when used for an hour or so it cuts off and I can't restart until engine is cold again. Any suggestions?
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  • One issue is it sounds as though the gas line is starting to go. The new blends of fuel used in autos and now in our small engines are causing all sorts of issues with the interior rubber parts including hoses gaskets etc. Also another thing to check is the airflow in and around the engine. If the air flow which is supported by the built in fan blades on the flywheel that is attached to the pull starter becomes blocked by dust etc the engine will run hot causing vapor lock in the fuel line. You can try to put cooler gas back into the tank but you need to be really careful when adding fuel to a hot engine. Be sure to do it away from structures and anything that could burn should it catch fire from a spill. If it starts after adding cooler fuel you know its vapor lock. Lastly check the gas cap. If the vent is plugged or rusted closed, the lack of venting prevents fuel flow to the carb. To rule that out simply open the gas cap and tighten back up again then try to start to rule that out. Also some magnetos when they get hot fail to work. This device is seen as the round short pipe shaped device that the other end of the spark plug is connected to. Once hot and it fails to run, remove the spark plug and insert it back into the wire, ground the spark plug to the top of the motor and pull the start cord. If you have spark that will rule out that being the issue. No spark, change the part. It takes about 20 min to do this. Also no spark, put another plug in. They too can fail with age and heat. Hope this gives you some ideas on where to check.

  • E.C. P
    on Apr 19, 2013

    Thanks for the tips. ecp

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