Asked on Jan 29, 2012

dsiconnecting a doorbell

Terry SWoodbridge Environmental


wanting to disconnect a second doorbell that will no longer be used. still wanting to keep the one,but the second one is on the porch(now our diningroom).can i just tape wires and shove them in the wall ?do i cap them or do they have to be removed?
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  • Yes you can simply tape them over and put into wall. You can also which I would suggest find where they all connect and disconnect them there as well. Just in case down the line someone does not short the wires out with a nail or removal of the board that supports the old button. If a short happens it can burn out the low voltage transformer quite quickly. You can find this transformer normally attached to the side of a light fixture box in basement or in some cases right at the doorbell if its self contained.

  • Terry S
    on Jan 29, 2012

    thank you woodbridge. i will look and see if i can find transformer. appreciate the help:)

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