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?! paint colors & window treatments

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Put me in a clients kitchen & bath and I have no problems picking just the right thing! My own home.. another story!
We've remodeled the bath completed, and now I have to paint and put up window treatments and I'm done! I am keeping the blue ceiling in the bathroom ... and need to keep the faux on the angle of the tray ceiling in the bedroom (hides lots of drywall flaws)
New paint - bath walls, bedroom walls and ceiling of tray. Thinking of a lighter tan and rid of the gold tone as much as possible. Same color in both rooms because there is no door to the bath.
Window treatments - quite a struggle. I want a soft treatment and would love to have panels, but the corner hutch stifles this idea unless the panel is ok to sit in front of the window. But note I also have a single window left of the bed. I like roman shades - but they cannot be pulled up all the way, right? I love opening the blinds during the day. '
Bedspread is new.. pure white. Wondering about white w/blue accents.. or even a solid light blue.
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  • Jan Britt Interiors
    on Jan 30, 2012

    Becky Sue it was great to meet you at the Foundry! You have a very nice bedroom and bathroom. I love the idea of a white bedspread. I would love to see some light blue pillows on the bed. It will add a splash of color to the focal point of your room. It would be nice if you could find the same color blue pillows as the color blue in your bathroom. Of course you could put draperies up on both sides of the window using clip rings. As you know, clip rings or sewn on rings help the fabric to squish together as not to cover much of the window or sunlight. I would suggest if you like valances that a topper treatment of a soft valance would be a better idea because of the limited space. Mounting it above the molding of the window almost to the crown molding would be best to enhance the impact of the window. I see that you would like to use a light tan in the bedroom. Is there a light tan color in the bathroom ceiling? Do you want another accent color in the room or just keep it tan and light blue? Would you be willing to use a pattern fabric that includes blue and tan? That fabric would be used to be made into soft window treatments. If you choose to use a light blue paint color for the walls it will really help the bed pop from the paint color on the wall.

  • I know the feeling! We are re-doing our Master as well. I am struggling!! Good luck

  • Designs by BSB
    on Jan 30, 2012

    Jan, thanks for the response! It was nice to meet you.. you are such a sweet lady!! Im not sure why I was hung up on wanting drapes or panels, you are right, because of the hutch and varied window sizes using a valance only might be the best option. If for no other reason that giving the feeling of taller windows! Not opposed to patterns on the valances .. I guess the valance design needs to be chosen first. I LOVE blue .. very concerned about painting the bedroom walls blue because of resale. So that is the only reason for staying more neutral. The bathroom ceiling - I did share a photo of it .. it is blue and has varied colors of brown clouds. Throw pillows - yes I think this will be the easiest part to add color/style to the room!

  • Melissa G
    on Jan 30, 2012

    We have a similar ceiling in our bedroom, redone by the previous owner of our house. I love it. The walls and ceiling are a latte color and the tray part of the ceiling is just a shade or two darker. There is white trim and the panels of the tray have "frames" inside them (I hope that makes sense). You can get Roman shades of all types, even ones that go up all the way. Check out Smith & Noble online for ideas. They're expensive, but they have loads of styles that might inspire you. In our bedroom, we have dark brown seagrass-style Roman shades and sage green fabric panel curtains. It gives us lots of options for light and privacy.

  • Bernice H
    on Feb 19, 2012

    oh...I do love the ceiling! Not to be in the same league, but about 13 years ago I put some stick on paper stars,( tiiiny liddle things), on the ceiling. They are still there. They absorb the light from lamps, and so I have a starry heaven to look at as I nod off. Havent painted our ceiling since then because I dont want to lose them. They are very tiny, and paper, not the plastic stuff. So i have galaxies on my ceiling. Spiritually inspiring, believe me. I do love those clouds!

  • You could consider mounting the roman shades above the window - all the way to the ceiling - as outside mounts and it will not only give the illusion of the window being bigger but when you raise the shades they will clear more of the window and let more light in too.

    q paint colors amp window treatments, doors, home decor, painting, window treatments, Virtual Design showing roman shades inside mount vs outside mount higher on the wall
  • Sandra
    on Jul 14, 2016

    I would take the hutch to another room, doesn't match bed anyway. then take the blinds down, then get drapes or make them to open during the day. then I would go with blue and white ceiling and walls.

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