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Repurposed Handy Dandy Bird Seed Scooper Duper

Good news: I am no longer a klutz when filling the bird feeders.This is a simple idea but it sure took me a long time to think of it!
1. Cut the bottom off a large plastic pop/soda bottle. Keep the lid on.
2. Use it as a scoop to gather bird seed from the bag.
3. When you remove the cap, it's like a funnel, easily filling a narrow tube feeder like the one you see here.
And that's why it's now called the Handy Dandy Bird Seed Scooper Duper.
PS: Do you say 'pop' or 'soda'?

To see more: http://www.empressofdirt.net/diy-bird-seed-scooper-duper/

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