Instructions For Making The Tin Man, Part 2

This is the 2nd post for making the Tin man & I didn't get to put any descriptions on the first post, so I hope you can figure out the instructions. Have fun & enjoy. Kay Haynes
Make sure the "arms" are in the right place
Attatch the "foot" to the LOWER "leg"
Connect the upper "leg" to the lower "leg & bend the wire to hold it together.
Make sure the holes for the wire are at the same level
Remove inner lining of bottle cap, if any
Putting the screw through the "eye" bottle cap.
Connect the TUNA can to the coffee can (body)
Connect the "head"
Looking up into the "body" of connections
Ready for the "ears"
Give every thing a good spray with CHROME Metallic finish
Attach Heart and Mr. Tin man is ready for display

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