23 Awesome Things You Didn't Know You Could Do With Old Picture Frames

Picture frames are basically the new mason jar!

By Hometalk Highlights

Store spices on the wall

Keep spices handy with this clever large scale storage idea using an extra big frame. (Jodi @Glittered Barn LLC)

Stack two to make a designer chunky frame

Get an expensive display without opening your wallet, by stacking two extra frames into one. (Val @Love My DIY Home)

Create a cork masterpiece

Finally - an idea for your leftover corks. Arrange them in a picture and frame 'em! (Handan and Greg @The Navage Patch)

Add an elegant fabric frame to boring mirrors

Highlight mirrors and other wall decor by surrounding them in fabric frames. (Christy @Confessions of a Serial DIYer)

Make a countertop charging station

Charge all your electronics in one clean spot, with a standing countertop charger. (Christina @The DIY Mommy)

Turn one into a decorative serving tray

Turn a large frame into a pretty serving tray in just a few steps, by adding handles.

Add artificial flowers for a porcelain look

Make a frame look like delicate porcelain with this brilliant faux flower update. (Susan @Suzy's Artsy Craftsy Sitcom)

Or try an expensive looking transformation

Cover a plain frame in accents, foil & paint. In less than 1 hour, you'll have designer decor. (Victoria @Mucho Crafts)

Showcase a potted plant or container garden

Frame your favorite hanging plant, to draw attention and really put it on display. (Carlene @Organized Clutter)

Build a mini plant terrarium

Piece together a little terrarium house from extra frames, and showcase decor or candles. (Emily @The Wicker House)

Hang vases from your walls

Create a "plant sconce," by mounting vases on frames and adding them to open corners. (Adina @Simply Country Life)

Make an easy herb drying rack

Dry your own herbs with an easy rack DIY with picture frames. (Lisa @Fresh Eggs Daily)

Craft some romantic wall art for your sweetie

Make a sweet Valentine's Day gift for your beau with a frame and spoons. (Sherri @Thrifty Artsy Girl)

Turn precious stones into wall decor

Use frames to showcase a collection, like pretty stones or keepsakes. (Tanya @Dans le Lakehouse)

Craft space-saving pumpkins for a fall mantel

These easy pumpkins are just so stinkin' cute! Save them for next year. (Jeanette @Country Design Style)

Cover one with wire for a jewelry organizer

Staple chicken wire inside an empty frame, for an pretty place to organize and display jewelry. (Marty @Marty's Musings)

Mark plants in the garden

Get ready for your spring garden, with plant markers made from tiny frames.(Bethany @Southern Couture)

Build a glowing wall lamp

Attach a square of frames to an open wall and create a convenient wall lantern using string lights. (Ronja @Nur Noch)

Pretty up a plain switch plate

Turn your ordinary switch plates into little works of art, by dressing them up with frames. (Dana @Me, Myself & DIY)

Make a screen to cover your TV

This folding screen uses picture frames, prints, and hinges - and it's brilliant! (Christen @Blue Egg Brown Nest)

Craft a standing pin cushion

If you're a seamstress, this pin cushion idea might be just what you've been waiting for. (Krystal @Sunny Sweet Days)