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Some time ago when my remodel was done, unbeknownest to anyone, one of the kitchen cabinet screws went into a wet plumbing vent pipe. The cabinet company has been great and going to fix everything. 3" vent pipe (one end to the roof the other into the concrete to drain to the sewer) and the guest bath does flow into it (with 2 sinks, toilet and shower). The plumber proposes to cut out the compromised pipe but not sure can slide/glue in a solid plastic pipe in the tight space. So proposes a neoprene sleeve on one end. This will then be buried in the wall between the kitchen and garage and foam insulation sprayed in. I am a little concerned about the sleeve but I know they are common when connecting to some iron pipe with other metals or plastic. Is this a good idea? Better ideas? I have been assured not a code issue.
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Leaking pipe....the drywall will all be replaced.
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