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Easy DIY Industrial Shelves

I love adding in different textures and elements into our home! I have always adored iron which is why you will find it in just about every room in our home. Iron can be expensive though, which does not make for a happy pocketbook.....nor husband!
Pipe fittings is the next best thing, cost effective, and makes friends and neighbors do a double take when they see them.
When I started redoing our kitchen, I knew that I wanted something different on this small wall next to our table. Ignore the hockey sticks......they are everywhere in our home! ;)
The iron shelf is great, I just felt that it was too small for the space.
The plan was to have 2 long shelves, giving greater space for cookbooks and knick knacks, as I am thinking of adding a small desk underneath them. I used 2 flanges, 2 12" pipes, and 2 caps per shelf.
The shelves are comprised of walnut planks that I had leftover from an industrial table that I built .....using pipe fittings, of course!!!
The most critical aspect is making sure that at least 2 of the screws going into each flange are anchored into a stud. These cookbooks weigh a ton! Once the flanges are anchored, all you have to do is screw in your pipe and finish it off with a cap. Easy Peasy!
Here is the finished product.....perfect for this small wall!! I love that the planks were wide enough so that I could fit a 10" depth basket for all of our incoming mail. Definitely keeps the clutter off of our countertops! If you want to see more specific details, and a product list, come on over to the blog.

To see more: http://temptingthyme.com/2015/08/03/industrial-pipe-shelves/

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