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Can I have central air conditioning without a heating system 1400 SqFt

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I would like central air conditioning for approx. 1400 Sq.Ft house. 2nd floor is a loft open at both ends. Structure is insulated but no furnace exists. Is there such a thing as a Heat Pump that only cools?
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  • Heat pumps both heat and cool. A heat pump that does not have heat is simply a AC system. Two ton system should cover your home nicely. However who ever installs this system should provide you with both a Manual J sizing of the system and Manual D which will provide the air flow and duct sizing required for the rooms throughout the house. A heat pump is simply an AC system that reverses the direction of the refrigerant within the pipes. This turns the outside part, condenser into the inside part evaporator. The result is when in heating mode, the normal heat that you feel on the outside condenser in the summer now blows cold air and the inside evaporator which normally blows cold air in summer ends up blowing warm, not hot, air inside. A normal AC only split system does not have the reversing valves that are found in the heat pump system. Thus the equipment cost is less. Depending upon the layout of your home you may have been introduced to a mini-split system that has mounted blowers in a few locations with a single outside condensing unit. These come as heat pumps only. The cost of these can sometimes outweigh the cost of installing a AC only split system as you need to add ducts, blower fan, grills etc as well as needing to deal with the hiding and running of these ducts. So you need to compare the costs of doing a split system with ducts etc, against the mini-split system that is self contained. But the mini-split system equipment only is higher cost as compared to the AC only unit. Even if you do not want the heat pump you may find it saving you a few dollars in the spring and fall when your home just needs a little heat. So instead of running your larger whole home system you can just heat the one or two rooms or areas depending upon the layout without using nearly as much energy. Here is a link you might find useful.

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    on Apr 21, 2013

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  • Miles Enterprises Inc.
    on Apr 21, 2013

    i think a mini split would work well for you because of the loft and cold air drops .you can posibly avoid the cost of a ducted system provided you have an open floor plan. with a mini split the low side or evaporator is shaped like a flat screen tv . i have actually seen an application whereas a tv campflauged the low side.

  • J & J Refrigeration
    on Apr 22, 2013

    You can use a ductless mini split A/C, which does not use duct work. Or high presure A/C, which uses small round duct work that fits in standard wall space. Ether system has its advantages and disadvantages, check with a licensed contractor in your area that has installed both systems.

  • A1tec service
    on May 4, 2013

    they now make mini split look like picture or fit behind tv most of all make sure you live in part of the country that heatpump will work some place in the us heatpump want work .you may have go with a/c only and electric heat strip

  • Jay Taylor
    on Jun 30, 2014

    It would be better to have both. You better call your local professional HVAC companies. Ask them for an estimate to install new central AC. They will come to your house free and will give you the most relevant answers to all your questions. Without actually seeing your house, it is very difficult to give a good answer to your question.

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