Asked on Feb 1, 2012

Expand my laundry area. My laundry area is in the hallway. No storage and my laundry is allways in the hallway.

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The current space is the size of a coat closet. I have two frontloaders on pedastals in the space. I have a large storage area behind the wash/dryer area I want to expand into. The wall needs to be knocked out behind it and I need to find out if it is load bearing. Any ideas, suggestions?
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  • Solutions Electric, Inc.
    on Feb 1, 2012

    Lisa if you will let me know when you are around I will be glad to have a contact of mine call you up and see if he can help. I live in the Legacy Park area if you need me to come by and see

  • Designs by BSB
    on Feb 1, 2012

    Do you have access from above? If so, you can go into the attic to see if any of the ceiling beams are ending on the wall you wish to remove. Otherwise, anyone who has experience in construction can offer an educated opinion by looking at the shape of the house and the sizes of the rooms. Worst case scenario is breaking open the drywall for a peek.

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