Asked on Feb 1, 2012

Water company forcing me to install a backflow prevention assembly?

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This system must be installed on the house side of the main water line next to the meter. Two questions? I just bought this house (a short sale) two months ago and I thought this issue would have come up in the inspection? Also, I'm looking for suggestions on the least expensive way to install this?
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  • More and more communities are asking to put these on. As far as the inspection company knowing that they would ask for this. Its not their job to determine code and enforcement issues. Its the inspectors job to document the current condition of the home only. Its the buyers job to determine based on their report what is important or not. Also with a short sale. You purchased the home pretty much as is. And even if you were made aware of this item, it would not have changed the sale price at all. And for the couple of hundred bucks this cost to put in, I doubt you would have walked away from the home for that little amount. As far as installing this. You will either need to do this yourself by turning the water off and installing the unit. Which requires permits, or hire a plumbing contractor who will pull the permits and do the job for you. I suggest the plumber to to the job.

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