Mini Bookcase/Side Table/ Charging Station From a Barstool

Too many devices, cords, and chargers. A small problem, but always a big mess.
Black stool beside recliner is the "before" .
I have what my daughter would call a "first world problem." In other words, not a life altering situation, but something that just bugged me on a daily basis.The recliner with the little black stool next to it is where I sit and use my laptop, my tablet, read, and sometimes use my cell phone. With all of these electronics comes lots of chargers. Although we have a table between the two recliners, I did not want it to be constantly cluttered with all of my devices, cords, and chargers. I like things neat and organized. I tried to put baskets on the little stool to hold my "stuff", but that always looked messy and the basket would fall off. So I came up with the idea to convert the little black stool into a mini bookcase. Once again, my terrific hubby came to my rescue.
Finished Mini-Bookcase
Here is my stool now converted into a mini bookcase. I had planned to paint the whole piece black, but when I saw the contrast of the light wood with the black stool, I loved the contrast. The wood is actually a little darker than it appears in the picture. (Yes, I know my rug needs vacuuming. Tonight, I promise.)
My mini bookcase opens next to my chair so that I can access all of my things.
View from my chair.
Here is how the Hubs built my bookcase. He used the side pieces for one shelf and added supports for two more shelves.
Shelves and sides installed. Ready for paint.
Luan on back and sides.
Sides taped off. Inside sprayed black.
I covered the shelves in shelf liner to protect them and add a little interest.
Hubby added a power strip to the bottom of my "bookcase" We then ran very short extension cords through the gap that he left at the back of the shelves. I now have an outlet on each shelf to plug in my electronics. Yes, that is tape securing the shelf liner. It is on the bottom of the shelves and no one will see it. I keeps the shelf liner from sliding as I move things in and out.
We do plan to secure the extension chords to the sides of the shelves. Right now they are just laying on the shelves, but this shelf sits so close to my chair, that you can't even see the cords.
Now I have all of my stuff beside me. Everything has a charger plugged in an ready to go. The best part is neither I nor any guests have to look at the mess of cords that goes with all of my equipment and I have a place on top for my glass of sweet tea. (In the south, it's always sweet tea.)

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  • Lori
    on Feb 1, 2016

    What a great idea and done so well. We all have a few 1st world problems Debi so don't feel bad. You should see my side table you'd die laughing and no, I won't post a pic.

    • Debi53
      on Feb 7, 2016

      @Lori Thanks for your comment. You gave me a good laugh which brightened my day.

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