How to Clean Between the Glass Door on a Maytag Oven

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My oven door was a mess! I do clean inside the oven and the front of the door regularly, but when liquid spilled into the vents at the top of the door, it made a big mess between the glass. I lived with it for a long time before I decided there had to be a way to get in there and clean it out. I saw a few posts on how to take apart an oven door, but none of them worked for my Maytag oven. So I figured it out and decided to pass it along in case anyone else out there has a messy Maytag as well.
On my Maytag, the glass face is just a sheet of glass, held on by a slim ledge at the bottom, and the edge of the door frame at the top. Rather than taking apart the whole door, you just need to slide the glass out. Sounds easy, right? It is, once you know how!
First, open the oven door a few inches, until it rests at its first stopping point. There are three phillips head screws along the top of the door. Remove these and set aside. Don't worry, nothing will come apart at this point.
Gently nudge the top edge of the door upwards, by pushing up on the handle. You'll see that the frame will just barely clear the glass. It won't come all the way off, which is part of what makes this job so easy. Just rock it upward until you can pull the glass forward a bit.
The glass may not pull forward very easily. Mine had little adhesive tabs along the edges, so I had to gently work those loose. Once it's loose, you can grab the glass on each side and lift it out of the bottom ledge. Carefully set it aside on a towel or the carpet.
A lot of gunk had built up all along the inside of the door, so I dusted everything and cleaned it up.
Watch out for exposed screws along the bottom edge of the door. Those little guys are sharp!
The front of the door then got a nice wash-down with glass cleaner. Finally all the drips were gone!
I couldn't believe how much dust and debris came off this door! A little Spic and Span, a toothbrush, and several paper towels cleaned it right up. Oh, and a chopstick for those hard-to-reach spots!
Then I cleaned the inside of the glass. I used one pass of Spic and Span for degreasing, followed by glass cleaner to remove the streaks.
Finally, put your oven back together by following the steps above in backwards order. Set the glass plate in the bottom ledge, and be sure it's centered. Lean it back in to the door, while lifting up on the top edge of the frame. Let the top edge clamp down on the glass and replace the three screws. Voila! A perfectly clean oven door! For more tips and tricks along the way, check out my blog post.

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  • Connie
    on Aug 2, 2018

    I have Electrolux double ovens, the glass is a mess, ho to clean between the glass

  • Jan
    on Feb 25, 2019

    i have a LG stove, and I can't take a panel off. How can I still clean the inside of the glass?

    • Beverly Rice Matheson
      on Feb 28, 2019

      I also have an LG. I can no longer find my owners manual but I found it on line. I haven’t tried it yet, but it is possible. It looks like it entails taking of the whole door then removing screws to take it apart.

  • Carol
    on Mar 14, 2019

    how did you clean glass on mircowave?

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  • Sherry
    on Mar 4, 2019

    I was so excited to see this since I have a Maytag oven. However mine is a wall oven and the glass front is not framed in like the one you show. Mine is one solid piece of glass. I don't even know how it's mounted. I'm afraid if I remove the phillips head screws (there are only 2 in my case not 3) that the glass may just come completely off. Someone recommended removing the entire door and then remove the glass. That is not easy either. If you know the type of oven door in my case please do another instruction blog to help.

  • Harper
    on Mar 13, 2019

    I would never have thought of that!! I have the same thing though my oven isn’t a Maytag. I have been living with it for a long time. It just nevered occurred t o try to take it apart. First thing in the morning I am dragging out the manual! Thanks for the idea!

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