Asked on Feb 2, 2012

how far can we go with electric to our soon to be above ground pool?

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We are intending to put a24 foot above ground pool in our back yard. I would like it all the way in the back about 200 ft from out breaker box in the house and maybe 220 ft from the outside box. I was in Lowes recently and the gentleman there said that the further you put electicity the less strength you have and I will probably damage my pump. So if that is the case what are my options? thank you
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  • Walter Reeves
    on Feb 2, 2012

    Your best option is to hire an electrician. They can calculate the electricity the pump will need and the loss that will occur through various sized wires.

  • Harold M
    on Feb 2, 2012

    I'm gonna say a #10, but I agree with Walter. Call an electrician. Also, you'll probably want to bury it in conduit Gray PVC. Save you from having to repair it when your digging a hole for a tree and you hear a loud noise see sparks and your shovel melts

  • Solutions Electric, Inc.
    on Feb 3, 2012

    it really depends on the load of the motor....the voltage drop is determined by the amp load ..... example is if you have a single phase 208V system you can use #8 wire for 20Amps up to 200 feet from electrical panel for a 3% voltage drop ...I am sure you can find a quality electrical contractor in the Fort Valley or Perry to help you..

  • Solutions is correct on this. And I would also agree with Walter as well. wiring a pool is not just putting in a outlet like we did many years ago. There are all sorts of new grounding connections that must be in place for safety. Same goes with lights if your planning on this as well. Seeing that your pool is going to be so far from the house, you need to consider all the other electrical gadgets that oftentimes is the result of having a pool. Being that far from the house, you will almost need another complete service supply to that area to cover pumps, some vacuum systems now are powered by 110 volts. Your going to have lights, radio for sitting by pool, perhaps even power for that BBQ grill as well. So I would suggest at least a 60 amp service or better yet a 100 amp sub-panel be installed. Its going to be expensive no matter what you decide to do so you might as well go a bit larger as the price does not change to much with the equipment other then the increase in the wire size going out to the area where your going to need the power source at. It would be a shame to find out you need another outlet and not have the power to install one.

  • The distance will be no big deal. There will be loss of power, at that distance but it is a simple mathmatical calculation the electrician will do. Then he just has to properly upsize the wiring and conduit to meet your needs. Good Luck.

  • Michelle I
    on Jun 22, 2012

    Well things have changed a bit, I am currently having an inground pool put it. The contractor will do the wiring from the shed to the pool, but we are responsible from the house to the shed. I wasn't here but, the contractors son told the contractor that I needed 8/3 wire from the house to the shed. Now what, my boyfriend can wire this but the specifics he is not sure as far as the breaker in the house and the box in the shed, does someone have any idea what I am talking about because I am not sure. And the contractor won't be out until Monday and we would like to have this ready for when he arrives.

  • The biggest issue you have is running the wire in the conduit from the house to the shed. That is where all the time is going to be anyway. Just rough the wires and let your electrical contractor install the breaker in the house and the box for the shed.

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