Garden Stepping Stones

I decided it was time after 20+ years to give new life to my old garden stepping stones that I had bought many years ago.They have been outside in the yard for 24/7/365.
I really like the transformation.I forgot to take a before pic of the 2 bunnie stone but you will get the idea.I used Metallic craft paint.It only took me about 2 evenings to get it done. It was like frosting a cake almost!So what do you think? You might want to use your maginifier to get a better look at the stones.
This is the before pic of the squirrel stone. He wasn't in too bad of shape.
This is the after pic.I almost hate to put these stones back on the ground.
This is the before pic of the squirrel & bird & the barrel.
This is the after pic of the squirrel & bird & the barrel.I like the transformation.
This is the before pic of the birdhouse and flower stone.
This is the after pic. At first I wasn't too thrilled with this one but it has grown on me.
This is the stone that I forgot to take the before pic of but you get the idea. I especially like this one because of their little pink noses.

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