DIY Hand Painted Talavera Tile Accent Wall

5 Days

We did a concrete patio extension with a pergola last year, so this year I decided it needed a little flair. I did a tile accent wall which is a great back drop for a Mexican Chiminea. It compliments the "Polatems" which I posted in 2012.
This is the wall as it looked before.
First I added the tile to the middle post. And then started my step down design on the sides following the concrete blocks as my guide. I was able to buy the tiles on line on ebay and at Mexican tile outlets in the Phoenix area.
After I finished the step down design on both sides, I then finished it off with the terracotta bullnose to match the cornered edge pieces on the center post.
Repeating design on both sides.
Added final edging with bullnose
All done and grouted
A picture showing the accent wall and my "Polatems" as they compliment each other.

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17 questions
  • Cool idea! You used premixed thin set for the tiles?? How is this holding up to the elements?

    • Patty S
      on Jan 30, 2016

      @Beth H. Makemeprettyagain.blogspot It is holding up very well.

    • @Patty S wow. thanks for this. You have given me an idea for this ugly wall that I have to look at through some french doors. Would you happen to have the type of mortar you used?? and are these the ceramic tiles or the clay Talavera tiles?? Thanks! **Nevermind,,,just saw your title,,,Talavera.....duh!

    • Patty S
      on Jan 31, 2016

      @Beth H. Makemeprettyagain.blogspot It is "Simpleset" Thin set mortar. I got it at Home Depot. I used the gray.

  • Hor3435481
    on Jan 31, 2016

    beautiful many hours each day did you spend at this??

  • Laurie Straw
    on Jan 31, 2016

    Hi Patty. Have you also used repurposed closet doors in this setting? It looks great! How do they hold up in bad weather?

    • Patty S
      on Jan 31, 2016

      @Laurie Straw Yes they are repurposed closet doors. I did them several years ago and here in Arizona you would expect them to fall apart in the heat, but they have not shown any deterioration. I haven't even had to repaint them. They really help to keep the patio cool and protect us from the sun. I posted them several years ago. Go to my "Hometalk" page to see them.

  • Pat whitmus
    on Jan 31, 2016

    What are "polatems". This is a new term I have not heard before. Thank you!

    • Sara
      on Jan 31, 2016

      That was a new one for me too!

      diy hand painted talevera tile accent wall, outdoor living, painting, wall decor
  • Ellen Beener
    on Jan 31, 2016

    Very beautiful job and it looks sensational. Where did you get those nice vivid tiles?

    • Patty S
      on Feb 1, 2016

      @Ellen Beener I got some of the tiles at a Mexican tile outlet in Phoenix and others I was able to find on ebay.

  • Margot Weber
    on Jan 31, 2016

    What did you use to attach the tiles?

  • Nellie White
    on Feb 1, 2016

    What are Pilates?

    • Gmaddron
      on Feb 1, 2016

      @Nellie White Polatems are totems made from plates and pots.

  • Debbie Kuhar
    on Feb 1, 2016

    Please, what did you use to use to get the tile to stick to the wall? A thin layer of cement? Live in Pennsylvania, winter weather.

    • 1240839
      on Feb 1, 2016

      Probably tile mastic.

    • Patty S
      on Feb 1, 2016

      @Debbie Kuhar I used "Simpleset" thin set mortar from Home Depot.

    • Debbie Kuhar
      on Feb 2, 2016

      Thank you Patty S, beautiful, love it and thanks for posting

    • Debbie Kuhar
      on Feb 5, 2016

      My ranch home is on a slant, so of course he back of the house is high. 30 years ago, painted the block while. Need something to gazz the place up. Smart thinking. and thank you for sharing

    • Kate Alexander
      on Sep 25, 2016

      What a great idea. You're very talented!

  • Katrina Kole
    on Feb 1, 2016

    I have a huge, heavy screen (triple folded tall with two hinges) w/o anything on them..they won't fit n my tiny apt. so I want to do something to sell them...ideas? screen is wooden, i think.

    • Patty S
      on Feb 1, 2016

      @Katrina Kole Could you post a picture? Otherwise you could actually do a "Post" on Hometalk, asking the same question and posting a picture. The Hometalkers love to help with these projects.

  • Katrina Kole
    on Feb 2, 2016

    actually, I DO have a URGENT question: BLACK WIDOW SPDERS! High water Craftsman Bungalow I rent has decent back and front yard. Fenced with part chainlink and part tall wooden fence. Lined with camelia trees (beautiful and in bloom now) a very tall palm, and a (forgot type) leaf tree in middle of yard. There is a cement space beneath backdoor 2nd story small wooden deck, lots of potential, but terrified of it b/c of the black widow spiders that nest in the beams and eaves. Any advice??? Last week I sprayed furiously, then the stench was so bad and I was afraid of the poison, I hosed it all down afterward w/ soap and water. I don't think I could be committed to doing that as fast as they return. Somebody has to have some advice please??? thank you very much katrina

    • Patty S
      on Feb 2, 2016

      @Katrina Kole Katrina, I am not the one to ask. You need to make this as a "POST" on Hometalk. I am just the person that posted the Talavera Tile post. Please go to the top of this page and see where it says "Create Post" and "Ask Question" in the red blockS. Click on " the "Ask Question" block and you will be able to submit your question so that all of Hometalk can give you the advice you are trying to achieve.

    • Fenella
      on Apr 3, 2016

      Quite frankly I would move!!! Can't abide spiders and am so glad I live in New Zealand where we don't have nasty and huge scary insects.

    • E.j. Thompson
      on Apr 4, 2016

      PB blaster kills on contact you don't have to get close and you can buy it at the auto parts store.

    • CAmom
      on Apr 8, 2016

      Get diatomaceous earth (DE) and Borax (yeah, laundry borax) mix about half and half - and sprinkle all over anywhere you see spiders - I put mine in an old parmesan cheese shaker - or just poke holes in a coffee can lid - it also works really well if you have fleas, sprinkle in your carpets. If you're going to sprinkle inside the house, get food grade diatomaceous and don't mix with Borax - you can even mix some of the DE in food, and it will get rid of internal issues, too. :)

    • Jody
      on Jan 26, 2017

      Love DE. It does get insects, spiders, centipedes. The problem is it gets the good insects too so think before you act. I was having way too many of these in my basement. It's not fast but after 2 weeks I began seeing all kinds of dead little creatures including spiders. But there are good ones like bees so be careful. It's nontoxic to you and your pets. It's NOT a good idea to put in your carpets because it can clog your vacuum filters. My neighbor uses a shop vac if she needs to vacuum. She has also used a carpet shampooer that uses water. She's been using about 10 years and told me about this. It's also printed on the bag I bought. So just be aware and pay attention to your vacuum sounds. On surfaces that you can wash to remove it's fine. Then you wash whatever you use in the washer with soap and separate from other laundry. Just so it's easier to clean. Then it can be washed with whatever. Borateem (borax) kills termites, roaches and some ants. It won't clog up your vacuum. In very low amounts it's safe around your babies and pets. I've been using the borateem 50 years and the DE only one. I didnt see dead black widows but I've not seen any since I used it in my gardening stuff. These both work well, low toxicity to humans and pets, absolutely do not breathe in the dust so don't get wild. But used carefully and with a little care and thought the things at risk are the bugs and your good vacuum. Hope this gets you going. There is a puffer for about $10 at Amazon that helps in putting out your magic dust. If you're looking for a quicker although not longterm method there are several relatively nontoxic liquids. I've used Orange Guard and Neem oil. Read up on these and see if either meet your particular need. Always good to have safe choices in your arsenal.

    • Grace1
      on Jan 29, 2017

      if you would like to go natually, you may want to contact" IRISH Pests & Weeds". They use essential oils. I'm not sure how it works with black widows, but worth checking into. Good luck!

  • Ida
    on Nov 9, 2016

    What are the tile sizes?

    • Patty S
      on Jan 27, 2017

      All of the square tiles are 4x4 and the rectangles are 2x4.

  • Dav15403436
    on Jan 23, 2017

    Hi Patty I absolutely love this project and want to try it in my backyard. We are winter residents in Az as well and think this would brighten our winter home tremendously. I would like a few more details on the project, if you wouldn't mind. Do you recall the number used and sizes of each tile?? I have tried to count using the pictures but don't want to miss any . Also, where in Phoenix did you find your tiles ?? Any hints or hacks that you learned doing the project ??? Thanks so much . Shirley S Maricopa,AZ

    • Patty S
      on Jan 24, 2017

      I purchased the cobalt blue 4x4's at a place down town Phoenix on Washington Street, sorry I don't remember the name. The Talavera ones came from that area as well. Some of the Talavera ones I also got on Ebay, although it makes them more costly when you have to pay shipping. On the vertical post the center 4x4's create a larger design by putting four of them together. There a re 7 squares and a total of 28 tiles. Those I bought on Ebay. The cobalt blue flat bullnose I bought in Phoenix and there are 16 of them. The terra-cotta "L" shaped corner bullnose I purchased in Phoenix there are 36 of them. The piramid has 90 4x4 cobalt blue tiles, which I bought in Phoenix. There are 42 of the flat Tera-cotta on the border. Look under Mexican tile in the yellow pages. That is how I found it. I am not in Arizona right now, otherwise I would look it up for you. I may have even found the address on line on Craig's list. Purchase extra tiles for breakage and use a wet tile saw to cut. Good luck and happy tiling. Check with me with any questions. :)

    • Dav15403436
      on Jan 25, 2017

      Thanks so much,I'll check out those places and let you know how it turns out. Shirley

  • Deanna
    on Feb 24, 2017

    My husband and I would like you to settle an argument. I think you used red tiles around the center and he say's it's brick. So is it brick or tile?

    • Patty S
      on Feb 25, 2017

      It is tile. It looks like brick because it is "L" shaped and wraps around the corner.

    • Deanna
      on Feb 25, 2017

      Thank you. I love being right. LOL I can't wait to do this in our backyard.

  • Julie
    on Apr 15, 2017

    do you think this would also survive an all season climate?
    • Patty S
      on Apr 15, 2017

      With movement of concrete during the changes of seasons, expanding and contracting, it may crack but I am sure it would hold up as far as the mastic and grout are concerned. Good luck.
  • Sandra Ross Warren
    on Jun 24, 2019

    I love your tile masterpiece, that drab wall was desperate for an awakening and you delivered. I do have to ask though, what purpose exactly do those bi-fold doors serve? They seem to go to nothing. Are they being used as a privacy screen, or to block the sun?

  • Merry Standridge
    on Jul 1, 2019

    I may have missed it, but what adhesive did you use to attach the tiles to the stone? I have a brick wall that needs snazzing up.

  • Carolin
    on Aug 20, 2019

    I would like to know where you get the tile?I would like to do a mosaic on an end table top. I would like small ceramic tiles, multiple colours

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