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Concerned about the materials used in your home

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Ny Times article about the creation of a databases that matches building materials (flooring, lumber, wiring, pipes and other materials) to government warnings about the substances contained in them. For example, particle board contains urea formaldehyde which is a "probable carcinogen" and suspected asthma trigger. Wood may have aluminum trioxide. PVC is a known carinogen. Almost all the products used may have some material of concern but this is certainly a start to provide transparent knowledge for those who have particular concerns or may be shopping for alternatives.
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  • Jeff C
    on Feb 4, 2012

    Well, looks like this confirms my theory that the majority of homeowners live in toxic dumps as opposed to good homes. Is there such a thing as a home built without the use of any unsafe materials?

  • KMS Woodworks
    on Feb 4, 2012

    Kevin, I have a number of clients who suffer from chemical sensitivities, so each project I do in their homes, entails an added step or two. Its a bit odd because some folks like "that new carpet smell". To me the more natural the process, the better. When I finished the hardwood in my master bedroom I used linseed oil, which is pretty much a zero VOC product.

  • Pedini of Atlanta, LLC
    on Feb 4, 2012

    That is one of the factors that drew us to the selection of Pedini as the product we sell. They have been a leader in the industry in reducing off gassings. Our products have the absolute lowest formaldehyde emissions in the industry*. * In Europe, the present limit (of gas emission) is up to 0.1 ppm (parts per million), and the panel that qualified is called E1. In Japan the classification of the emissions in panels are sorted from F* to F****. The emissions of the Marine Grade Ecological Panel Pedini uses, puts them well under of the Japanese value F**** (the most strict one) and 5 times lower than the European E1! In California, the most proactive state to the area of ecology and consumer in the US, the law establishes new limits of emission for all of all wood products. The California law states that in the first phase (2009), levels of emission will have to be within the 0.12 ppm (parts per million) and in the second phase (2011), within the 0.09 ppm. The values of emission of the Marine Grade Ecological Panel Pedini uses, is already 0.04 ppm - today!

  • Peace Painting Co., Inc.
    on Feb 4, 2012

    Great post Kevin, considering we have about the highest cancer rate. In the meantime, leave your PVC windows cracked a little open and drink more water. CP

  • Peace, fully agree. I went with Integrity when I remodeled so hopefully fiberglass is better than PVC but there is so much out there in so many forms. Still I know some families have serious concerns because they may have a child with a specific issue.

  • Peace Painting Co., Inc.
    on Feb 6, 2012

    Sawhorse told me about a 'plastic' type product for windows with no VOC's or carcinigens but I cannot recall the product name.

  • SawHorse Design Build
    on Feb 6, 2012

    @Peace- the Marvin Integrity line is made out of fiberglass which is a durable zero VOC product.

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