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      • Kevin M. Veler, Law Office of
        Kevin M. Veler, Law Office of Alpharetta, GA
        on Feb 3, 2012

        I am glad you posted this but can you do a close up. Maybe its just me but I cannot see the detail you are pointing out if there is a telltale sign to be looking for.

        • Property Inspectors of Atlanta
          Property Inspectors of Atlanta Acworth, GA
          on Feb 3, 2012

          Sure Kevin, I appreciate your interest in the post. If you were to click on the picture it will zoom in close enough for you to see the actual nail that holds the gutter to the fascia board. Basically Kevin, there is not supposed a gap between the two. When the gutters are overfull they become weighed down and actually start to pull away from the home.That is why it is also so important to keep those gutters free of debris! Hope that helped Kevin.