Wooden Barbie House

16 Hours

My daughters wanted a dollhouse, and my wife and I decided to make it ourselves . We built it,and decorated it. The main reason was that the girls wanted ultimate barbie house from video clips from internet, house that was not available in my country. So we decided to build one from scrap wood in my basement and to make a product that will be unique and better then the plastic houses on the market.
For starting the project we had a barbie doll with flexible legs and hands, couple relatively cheap plastic furniture elements. These was important at the beginning of the project because all the rooms are basically customized for the doll size.We needed: : jigsaw, drill, screws,white paint, pink spray paint, plastic furniture, different materials (carpet,wooden floor,tiles with small squares, textile peaces for the curtains, Plexiglas for the windows, neodymium magnets etc.).
Time needed for this project is one weekend, around 16 hours.
First we build skeleton based on the scrap wood dimensions that we had and based on the barbie size and furniture elements that we had. We tasted everything before we continued to the next stages.
We build couple of rooms and roof.
The room plan:
* Barbie wardrobe room
* Terrace - outdoor area
* Bedroom
* Kitchen
* Bathroom
* Main leaving room
- two sealing lights ( bathroom and kitchen)
- Led strip light in all rooms and on the back of the house - RGB colors controlled with remote control
- 7 " tablet - " TV" on the terrace
- Sounds and lights from the kitchen elements and from the leaving room fireplace.
The next step was to paint everything with white color. That way the pink color later will be more beautiful.
The bathroom was made from real ceramic tiles, we selected model with small squares so it looks realistic for the doll dimensions. The tiles were cut and glued to the walls .
The building process continued with cutting and gluing carpet for the bedroom, artificial grass for the terrace, wooden floor in the kitchen and in the leaving area.The walls were covered with some hi quality wall stickers. Some of the furniture plastic elements were cut because of unpredictable situations but everything was going by the plan.
It was time to spray the whole house with pink can spray.
The barbie house was coming together.
Terrace area, artificial grass, some custom made walnut wooden table and siting bench also sprayed with pink. The tablet holder is furniture drawer handle with a locking mechanism on the top. The dog siting area is made from cardboard and glued textile. the cushions are made also from foam and glued textile.The curtain is made from some metal holders, wooden dowel and textile .
The bedroom. Walnut custom made bad, sprayed with pink,some foam mattress covered and glued with textile, some plastic room elements from some toys around home. There is wooden shelf on the top . Improvised picture frame on the left wall with photos of out daughters.
The kitchen room is with door to the bedroom. On the sealing there is cheap 3w LED light with batteries. It activates with click. The kitchen element is some plastic toy. The floor is made from real wooden laminate cut on dimensions.The walnut table on the right wall is custom made and its folding. Its connected with hinge and neodymium magnets are helping to hold it in up position. The small cup on the table is also custom made from hot glue in mold,sticker etc.
The leaving room is also some plastic toy that we bought in local store, the dimension was not right but we cut one inch from the top of the toy wall, The fire has led light, the picture over the fireplace is hidden shelf. On the right wall there is window hole covered with transparent Plexiglas. In the upper part you can see part of the led strip that is going in all rooms. The kids love to change colors with the remote because the ambient light affects all rooms and the background of the whole barbie house.
The bathroom has also cheap 3w led light on the sealing, some plastic elements and some textile simulating towel.
Here you can see all rooms. There are some aluminium decorative materials on the roof and in some of the room angles.
And on the end, here you can see my daughters faces 2 minutes after we revealed the house.During the building process they were kept uninformed about the big wooden house. They were extremely happy, and after almost one month playing now, they are still interested, constantly redecorating the rooms, giving ideas for small upgrades etc. That means that our happiness too is on the highest possible level.

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